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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Post Civil War cover

06 Nov 2016
Hello all! I'm a relative newcomer to this forum. I've posted about a few items that have come into my possession on a couple of other boards .. and thought I'd try to add something to this community as well.

Here's a (rather ragged) cover that I recently acquired in a large accumulation. A little research revealed some interesting information.

General Kemper was a moderately famous Confederate Civil War general who fought in and survived (although injured and captured) Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. After the war, he was very active in Virginia politics and was elected 37th Governor of Virginia in 1873. He resided in Madison County Virginia (address) but I cannot make out the last word in the address. Any guesses?

PW McKinney was almost certainly Phillip W. McKinney of the firm Irving & McKinney. McKinney also fought in the Civil War as a Confederate cavalry officer with the 4th Virginia Cavalry and was injured (and was subsequently relieved from military duty) at the Battle of Brandy Station in 1863. He too returned to politics after the war and was elected the 41st Governor of Virginia in 1890.

The stamp is a common Scott #158 issued in 1873. So the letter was sent in 1873 or later.

A cover with two Virginia Governors!

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06 Nov 2016
re: Post Civil War cover

Awesome piece of history you have! Wow!

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06 Nov 2016
re: Post Civil War cover

Madison C.H. (Court House) was the name of a post office in Madison County, Virginia. Per Daily Bulletin No. 3762, the post office name was changed from Madison C.H. to Madison on April 16, 1892.

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