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Africa/All : Equatorial Guinea 1974

04 Nov 2016
UPU Centenary in Scotts lists (transportation from messenger to rocket) 1974
The numbers run from 7462 to 7472A There are 12 issues to this set I think.
Can anyone tell me what is depicted on each issue. I'm having the same problem with the UPU Centenary ESPANA 75 There are 15 issues from 74138 to 74152. I'd like to up date my want lists and stamp records with more than just Scott numbersfor these issues.
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04 Nov 2016
re: Equatorial Guinea 1974


You can find the first set on pages 4 & 5 and the 2nd on pages 9 & 10

Click on the pics for an enlarged image of the stamp.

These show only the perf'ed versions. I believe the other numbers are for the imperf'ed issues.

I believe the 'Sn" numbers in the description will match with the Scott numbers as they have in the past on other items I have looked up.

Mike / meostamps

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04 Nov 2016
re: Equatorial Guinea 1974

Back in the day when it was the "Scott Stamp Monthly", which is similar to today's Linn's monthly issue with the Scott new issues update, Scott listed very few stamps from Equatorial Guinea that were "issued" between 1972 and 1978.

Scott did mention the suspect stamps from many countries at the time, like the desert sheikdoms, Yemen, Paraguay and Equatorial Guinea. If you look at the Scott catalog for Equatorial Guinea, you will see the suspect stamps from there still noted. At the end of each note, you will see a different kind of numbering, such as 7201-7211. These relate to the year of issue "72", and the order in which the stamps were noted in the Scott Stamp Monthly, but the stamps were not given normal catalog numbers, and were not valued.

Scott kept the notes for Equatorial Guinea, for whatever reason, but deleted most, if not all, of the similar notes for the other countries in the catalog. Scott a few years ago, however, did bring back the formerly noted stamps from Yemen and Paraguay and gave them full catalog status with values.

Gibbons catalogs follow a similar noting methodology as Scott, but the Gibbons notes go through 1979. Scott began listing all the issues from Equatorial Guinea starting in 1979, while heretofore Scott had only listed a couple of stamps from 1971 and a few in 1973.

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