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General Philatelic/Identify This? : Scott #4??

31 Oct 2016
Image Not FoundI have had this pair for some time and need to know if they are authentic of facsimiles, can anyone advise how to make that determination? Sorry for the poor image!

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31 Oct 2016
re: Scott #4??

First, they look canceled, and can't be #4 if canceled. But, it looks like the #4 design. However, from your image it looks fake, almost like a scan. Not a good impression at all. The point of the reprint was for collectors, but not valid for postage. Perhaps you should post a better high resolution scan, but I think you have a fake.

Here's an example of what a #4 should look like, with crisp impression: http://www.theswedishtiger.com/ID1.html

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