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United States/Stamps : Scott Numbers 2016

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Enjoying the little works of art
09 Oct 2016
Recent Scott number assignments

5037 1c Albemarle Pippin Apples
5105 (89c) Henry James
5106-5125 (47c) Pets #5125a CB/20
5106 (47c) Pets: Puppy
5107 (47c) Pets: Beta Fish
5108 (47c) Pets: Iquana
5109 (47c) Pets: Hamster
5110 (47c) Pets: Goldfish
5111 (47c) Pets: Kitten
5112 (47c) Pets: Rabbit
5113 (47c) Pets: Tortoise
5114 (47c) Pets: Guinea Pig
5115 (47c) Pets: Parrot
5116 (47c) Pets: Corn Snake
5117 (47c) Pets: Mouse
5118 (47c) Pets: Hermit Crab
5119 (47c) Pets: Chinchilla
5120 (47c) Pets: Gerbil
5121 (47c) Pets: Gecko
5122 (47c) Pets:Cat
5123 (47c) Pets: Horse
5124 (47c) Pets: Parakeets
5125 (47c) Pets: Dog
5125a (47c) Pets CB/20
5126-5129 (47c) Snowbirds in Snow
5126 (47c) Golden-crowned Kinglets
5127 (47c) Cedar Waxwing
5128 (47c) Northern Cardinal
5129 (47c) Red-breasted Nuthatches
5129b (47c) Songbirds in Snow CB/20
5130 (47c) Patriotic Spiral coil
5131 (47c) Patriotic Spiral booklet
5131a (47c) Patriotic Spiral pane of 10
5132-5135 (47c) Star Trek 50th Anniversary #5135a
5132 (47c) Star Trek: Enterprise/Insigna
5133 (47c) Star Trek: Crewman in Transporter
5134 (47c) Star Trek: Enterprise/Planet
5135 (47c) Star Trek: Enterprise/Vulcan Hand Salute
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"Stamp Collecting is a many splendored thing"
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Tom in Exton, PA
09 Oct 2016
re: Scott Numbers 2016

Did we really need 20 stamps illustrating pets? This is the kinda thing that keeps me from being interested in modern USA stamps.

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APS #213005
09 Oct 2016
re: Scott Numbers 2016

I would much rather have pets than a MULTITUDE of BORING flag issues & liberty issues;

I am all for patriotism, but come on....are ALL those different varieties REALLY necessary??

I'll take a BOATLOAD of pets every time!

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01 Nov 2016
re: Scott Numbers 2016

A few months ago I started collecting all US issues from 1973 to present. I had
already obtained the inexpensive US up to that date in a National Hingless and a regular
green Scott National (for used stamps). I also decided to put each stamp into
a spread sheet by Scott number and price. (Yes, I know, true value probably one fifth
of catalog value but I'm retired with nothing else to do.) Kinda fun. Many stamps I had
never seen. I picked up a few at face at shows and have ordered a few from the Fulfilment Center. Had to dig around in Linn's (old name Scotts Stamp Journal) to get the cat. number so I appreciate the listing of 2016 numbers here on the board.

I'm using stock pages to house them but need to spend time and get them in order. My spread sheet is a good "check off" tool to see what I'm missing.

I don't particularly care for the designs of US stamps. Much prefer Scandinavia, French Col. and a few other countries but lots of sources for our stamps so decided to give it a
try. Hard to beat an old single color engraved stamp.

Dave of Ridgefield, WA

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"Ham Radio k7prz"

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Enjoying the little works of art
06 Nov 2016
re: Scott Numbers 2016

Latest Scott Number assignments

5136 (68c) Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly single
5137-5140 (47c) Jack-O'-Lanterns #5140a blk/4
5140b (47c) Jack-O'-Lanterns CB/20
5141 (47c) Kwanzaa single
5142 (47c) Diwali single

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"Stamp Collecting is a many splendored thing"
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