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Africa/All : Katanga "Local Overprints"

04 Oct 2016
I see that recently ebay has for sale Katanga stamps with "local overprints". I suspect these are bogus as I have never seen one on cover. Has anybody else seen one on cover?

California Bob
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04 Oct 2016
re: Katanga "Local Overprints"

Here are a couple from my "Sold" archives:

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Image Not Found


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05 Oct 2016
re: Katanga "Local Overprints"

Hi Bob,

Are you referring to the 1962 "Albertville" stamps which have "CONGO" overprinted on the 1961 Katanga Art set?

If they were created in Albertville they would be outside of the area of Katangan control so I'd guess they are a purely philatelic creation making use of some available Katangan stamps.

Well away from Katanga there was also the supposed 1964 "Stanleyville" stamps which have "REPUBLIQUE POPULAIRE" overprinted in small text on various Belgian Congo and Congo stamps.

These were apparently from a quite separate revolutionary force in the Simba Revolution in Stanleyville/Kisangani.

I've not seen covers from either of these local issues but they may well exist.

I've also not seem them listed in catalogues but I suspect if anywhere they may be in the relevant Belgian catalogue, OBP-COB 2016 (Part 2), the official Belgian stamp catalogue for the former Belgian colonies.


This may have something further to say about these stamps and whether they were ever put into postal use.

I found pictures of some of these stamps and the better known Katanga and South Kasai issues on the "Pic" links on the following page:

Moderator Note: Bad link removed.

Roy, it's nice to see your covers, both the single usage of the Katanga stamp and the mixed use of Katanga and Congo stamps.Happy

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