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Oceania/Australia : Pr-Decimal & Decimal Native Birds 1964-1966

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24 Aug 2016
Since the beginning of Federation the Kookaburra was the only native Australian bird (excluding the colonial & 1942 Emu) to have been depicted on a stamp from 1914 until its dominant reign of Australia's favourite bird stamp coming to an end on March 11th 1964 when a set of native birds were issued to the public, different birds were added until June 2nd 1965.

The birds were the Yellow-Tailed Thornbill, Black Backed Magpie, Galah, Golden Whistler, Blue Wren, Scarlet Wren and the Straw-Necked Ibis.

Many of the pre-decimal birds were re-issued under the new decimal pricing albeit a few colour and shade changing, and there were others that were discontinued at the introduction of decimal currency.

The birds that did not enter the new decimal age were the Black Backed Magpie and the Blue Wren.

The presentation pages show the complete set of birds from 1964-1966.

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