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Europe/Great Britain : Great Britain Bishopmark Postmarks

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13 Aug 2016
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Received several letters today from Great Britain with interesting postmarks. Royal Mail web site describes what is going on. Hats off to Royal Mail for the postal history -- in the days of yore before postage stamps. And this is why I collect postmarks as well as stamps. Happy

"Royal Mail is commemorating the introduction of the Bishopmark – now known as a postmark - 355 years after it was first used to ensure that mail was delivered in a timely manner.

The stamp was introduced by Colonel Henry Bishop, the first Postmaster General, on 2 August 1661 and featured the day and month when the item of mail had entered the postal service
To mark the day Royal Mail is releasing a special postmark that replicates the design of the original.
The UK was the first country in the world to use a date stamp. Since then, the concept has been replicated across the world.

The commemorative postmark will be applied to stamped mail nationwide from Tuesday 2 August to Saturday 13 August 2016"

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14 Aug 2016

re: Great Britain Bishopmark Postmarks

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14 Aug 2016
re: Great Britain Bishopmark Postmarks

I am hoping that someone will have samples on Stamporama auction site ...hint hint!!!Winking

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