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Canada/Stamps : Value of Canada "ink jet" cancel

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20 Jul 2005
I have quite a few recent Canada stamps that bear ink jet(?) markings alone or in combination with a regular cancel.


Is this a new form of cancellation? If so, is this type of cancellation considered inferior to a traditional cancel? Does a stamp bearing this kind of cancellation as opposed to a traditional cancel deserve full catalog value for a used stamp? What about the value of stamps that have "regular" cancels and ink jet markings?

Thank you for sharing your opinion on this question.
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Liz Jones (Patches)
20 Jul 2005
re: Value of Canada "ink jet" cancel

Hi Arno;

What do you consider to be 'normal cancellations' on Canadian stamps? Roller bar, square boxes, wavy lines, pen cancels ???

Ink jet cancellations have been around for quite a while on Canadian stamps and as far as I'm concerned they will be the normal cancellations on Canadian stamps. You will find very few that have anything other than that square 'Use Postal Code' cancellation or jet spray cancellations, unless the stamps have been taken into a postal outlet and been favour cancelled with a special cancellation rubber stamp.

Any envelope that goes through a cancellation machine in a large postal sorting centre in Canada such as the huge one located in Mississauga, Ontario will likely be cancelled using the latest technology that Canada post has available.

You may even find an almost transparent cancellation done in a flourescent ink that shows up under a UV light.

The USA has the wavy cancels. Canada has jet spray cancellations.

Does the type of cancellation reflect on the basic catalogue value? I don't think so. A perfect round clear cancellation showing city of mailing, and date centered in the middle of a stamp, well centered with perfect perforations would probably demand more in the marketplace due to the scarcity of finding this type of cancellation on Canadian stamps.

I prefer the jet spray cancellations over those heavy square boxes or roller bar cancels. If the jet spray hits the stamp showing the date it was mailed.

Of course a clear round cancellation, well centered is a bonus but try to find them.


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21 Jul 2005
re: Value of Canada "ink jet" cancel

expect more and more of the jet spray canceels,both in Canada and the U.S.
USPS announced earlier that they will eventually change over to all jet spray ,doing away with old style,even the roller cancel will be eliminated,which I am happy about.A lot of good stamps and covers are ruined by the massive over inking of roller cancelers.
I will sure miss those nice round date cancels.I guess the only round ones will be the favor hand cancels in the future.

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