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Middle East/All : Stamps of the French Mandate Area for Syria and Lebanon, Part 5. LATAKIA

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28 Jul 2016

Stamps of the French Mandate Area for Syria and Lebanon, Part 5. LATAKIA

This is a multi part series.

Part 1 summarizes the historical context and looks at stamps of Ile Rouad (pre French Mandate).
Part 2 looks at the Syrian Arabian Government of 1918-1920 (pre French Mandate).
Part 3 looks at Cilicia (the Armenian part of S. Turkey) (pre French Mandate).
Part 4 looks at the Alaouites area (under French Mandate).
Part 5 looks at LATAKIA (under French Mandate).

More sections will be issued in the future.

Latakia; Lattakia or Latakiyah is the principal port city of Syria, as well as the capital of the Latakia Governorate.
Although the site has been inhabited since the 2nd millennium BC, Latakia was subsequently ruled by the Romans, Ummayads, Turks, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamlucks and Ottomans.
Following World War I, Latakia was assigned to the French mandate of Syria, in which it served as the capital of the autonomous territory of the Alawites. This autonomous territory became the Alawite State in 1922, proclaiming its independence a number of times until reintegrating into Syria in 1944.
In 1930 the Alawite State was renamed as the Government of Latakia, the only concession by the French to Arab nationalists until 1936. In December 1936, the Alawite state was re-incorporated into Syria as a concession by the French to the Nationalist Bloc (the ruling party of the semi-autonomous Syrian government).
Syria's full independence was granted to Syria in 1944 and the last French troops left Syria in 1946, as the mandate period came to a close.

The Alawite State or the Alaouites was located between the Turkish province of Hatay (formerly the Syrian province of Alexandretta) and Lebanon. Geographically within Syria, it was administered under a French as the ALAOUITES mandate between 1920 and 1930 and as LATAKIA from 1930 thereafter


Stamps of France and Syria were overprinted and surcharged France and Syria in both French (Alaouites) and Arabic and used for postage. When the state transitioned to become the Government of Latakia, the practice of overprinting Syrian stamps for postage continued, but the Alaouites surcharge was replaced by a Lattaquie surcharge.
Since all Stamps from Latakia are overprints, there are some rarely seen variations, such as inverts, double overprints, and variations in color.
Stamps of Latakia were replaced with stamps of Syria in 1937.

These are complete and are from my collection. There are 3 pages. Varieties are not included. One has to be aware of counterfeits, especially for the varieties, that fetch considerably more.
There are 22 General use postage stamps, 11 Air Mail stamps, and 2 Postage due stamps. Scott Catalog (2016) prices range from under $1 US Dollars to
Stamps are readily available and should not offer major problems to the collector.
Varieties could be problematic due to counterfeits and their high values.


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End of Part 5. Next section Part 6, will be ALEXANDRETTA

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