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Canada/Other : video question

19 Jun 2016
Has anyone on Stamporama ever thought about making a video showing how to scan the stamps to put them in the auction and approval section?
I can scan an item and put it on my computer but would like to see how the stamps are put on Stamporama.(maybe I can sell my extras lol) I`m not very techy, never had a course and I believe that there are others in the club who are new to this technology.Just wondering
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21 Jun 2016
re: video question

It isn't too difficult to upload an image to an approval book - just click on 'upload image' then you select an image from your pictures stored in your computer. However, I'm not an expert on all the different types of systems so I wouldn't be answer any really technical questions specific to your system.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone to volunteer. We're always getting questions about how to scan and upload for the approvals and some of these questions are quite technical. Graphics and scanning are definitely NOT my area of expertise.

Would one of our specialists in this area like to volunteer to be the Scanning Guru?

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