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Oceania/Australia : Video Introduction to the stamps of Tasmania

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05 Jun 2016
There is a two-part video introduction to the stamps of Tasmania at the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library, to wit:



/s/ ikeyPikey
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06 Jun 2016
re: Video Introduction to the stamps of Tasmania

Outstanding. Thanks for posting that link to the videos of the Tasmania stamps. These videos are golden for the beginner collector of Tasmania, as I am. The story of the Columba/Columbia miscue is fascinating. A shame there, because that would have been a beautiful stamp indeed. Tasman's Arch seems a poor substitute.

And I could almost sense the disgust of the speaker when he was describing the inferior pictorials of the Federal period. Priceless.

Good stuff!


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13 Jun 2016
re: Video Introduction to the stamps of Tasmania

I have a complete set of early Tasmanian stamps in mint unhinged condition (1899-1900); there are also 8 Specimens, the Specimens I do not yet have,still looking for a decent set.

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1912 1d on 2d surcharge (bright violet).

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