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Oceania/Australia : Scarce 1970 75 cent Captain Cook vertical gutter issue

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Member ACCC (Australian Commonwealth Collectors Club of NSW)
18 Apr 2016
ACSC 462ca: In late 1969 it was found that one plate had stretched to such an extent that full sheets of 200 could not be perforated without excess spoilage, hence these were cut vertically and perforated as sheets of 100 in upper and lower panes of 50, and issued in this format in 1970.

Stamps from these sheets are recognised in vertical gutter pairs, most if not all of which appear to have been folded prior to distribution to post offices. Later, many supplies were distributed as single panes of 50.

The Ultra-violet light reaction of stamps from this printing is dark pink on the front, and bluish grey on the back.

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