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Asia/China : China Cover during the 1932 Japanese Bombardment of Shanghai

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29 Feb 2016
Scanned here, I share a cover from my collection that contained a small typed insert reading "Mailed February 20, 1932 at Shanghai, during the Japanese bombardment" which led me to a Wikipedia article titled "January 28 Incident." Down in the section of this article called "The Battle," I quote Wikipedia: "On February 20, Japanese bombardments were increased to force the Chinese away from their defensive positions near Miaohang, while commercial and residential districts of the city were set on fire. The Chinese defensive positions deteriorated rapidly without naval and armored support, with the number of defenders dwindling to fewer than 50,000. Japanese forces increased to over a 100,000 troops, backed by aerial and naval bombardments."

Somehow, this cover still made it out of there all the way to the USA, and it survives to this day. Japan and China - they have quite a history of conflict going back many years.


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