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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : Extras

27 Feb 2016
What to do with bags of extras? I just started, but at the point where I have extra extras.
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APS #213005
27 Feb 2016
re: Extras

Lots of options here, hayesherb;

-use them for trading
-donate them to a stamp club youth table
-send them to Boys Town or some other worthwhile charity
-"flyspeck" what you have for variations
-start a collection to give to a junior family member
-sell them here or some other stamp collecting site
-replace yours with better copies from the extras if you have not done so

I'm sure others here will have some great ideas as well!

Happy Stampin'!

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27 Feb 2016
re: Extras

Hi hayesherb;

You don't necessarily need a scanner or camera to sell common stamps that are extras. Just weed
out any damaged and toss away. Then make up envelopes of 100, or 200, or 500 different. Call
them surprise grab bags, and list them in the auctions. They will probably sell.

If you do have a scanner place 100 on the scanner face done and scan them. However you can't
use one scan for several different lots, that is against the rules. Each lot must have it's own scan
of the stamps in that lot.

Look at how some others do their auctions for packets and get some ideas. Selling on here is lots
of fun, and a great way to get to know everyone.

If you need extra help ask one of the sellers on here for ideas.

Just stayin' warm....

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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
27 Feb 2016

re: Extras


Randy and Ken have good ideas. Except one thing.... don't throw damaged out; put them in a envelope and send them to the Holocaust project. I think it important to help them fulfill this task of honoring and remembering victims of fascism.


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