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22 Feb 2016
We have very permissive rules, but that does not mean we should not strive for better Approval Books. And I don't want to change the rules.


Now rule 4 simply states:

"#4 The book offers stamps in topics clearly described by its title? Yes No"

I am asking everyone to go beyond the obvious, and to describe better in the title what is in their Approval Books. Add a range of years, at minimum. Add info about condition (used, Mint, MNH or a mixture). Add Cat numbers, if you put them in the book...etc...

Thinks about it this way. Your title should tell a fellow collector-buyer what is inside the book without having to open it!
Now, not asking you to put in more work, but you can easily go back to your active books and modify the titles. It just takes a few seconds. (remember to save). Or do it in the future!

It is of help to buyers who may only collect a range of years (say only pre-1940, or per the classic Scott catalog, or just modern post 2000..etc..) or only stamps in a specific condition (for example only used, or only MNH), or strictly work from lists with catalog numbers...etc...
It is NOT considerate to force them to open your book to find out what is really in it!
They should know from your title! It is a courtesy you owe your fellow collectors.

Thanks in advance for helping make Approval Books better!

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