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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Air Mail Test, Interpex 1959

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04 Feb 2016
And, now, for something completely philatelic ...

Q/ Are you familiar with an "Air Mail Test" that occurred at the time of Interpex 1959?

Image Not Found

Fun fact: That stamp of the India 1958 exhibition in New Delhi is more easily researched than the exhibition itself

Image Not Found

India New Delhi Exhibition
Catalog codes:
Stamp Number IN 323
Stanley Gibbons IN 421
Yvert et Tellier IN 106
Michel IN 303
Issued on: 1958-12-30
Perforation: comb 14½ x 14
Printing: Photogravure
Colors: Dark lilac
Face value: 15 Indian naye paisa
Print run: 11,916,340

... a photo of PM (Prime Minister! not Private Message!) Nehru visiting the India 1958 exhibition

Q/ Any other "Air Mail Test" covers & cards out there?


/s/ ikeyPikey

Edited to append: Postcard from the collection of Michael Lebbert.
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