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Europe/Great Britain : Security Machins

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28 Jan 2016

MA13 is a Del La Rue sheet stamp
M13L is a or Walsall sheet stamp


I think this is correct, but I'm sure Charlie (or another Machin nut) will confirm.


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28 Jan 2016
re: Security Machins

The Norvic Machin Blog reports that only the Walsal printings were supposed to use the M13L code but that De La Rue also used it for an unknown reason. See http://blog.norphil.co.uk/2013/04/two-more-new-machin-definitive-stamps.html

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31 Jan 2016
re: Security Machins

Yes, there seems to have been many a slip twixt the cup and the lip in this matter and I hope the Deegam Report due to be released tomorrow February 1st will sort it all out,
Most important advice from Ian's blog is to check everything carefully. Royal Mail, bless their cotton picking hearts, has a history of announcing something only to have to correct the announcement sometime later, after everyone has written about the original announcement.
C'la vie,

PS:: The original announcement as detailed in DR 113, from June 2013, page six, does show that MA13 will only be used by DLR. Wasall and Cartor would show M13L.

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