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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : Barbuda postage overprinting

25 Jan 2016
Many of the Barbuda issues I collect, (sailing ships, UPU, and Red Cross) have issued overprints from Antigua issues made for the very same stamp issue. Once I figured it out, the crossing of issues were easier to locate and find in the Scott catalogs. But there are hundreds of stamps done this way. Simple question would be WHY?

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25 Jan 2016
re: Barbuda postage overprinting


"Simple question would be WHY?"

Antigua and Barbuda did not like being politically joined together after independence from British rule. The political rift continued for about 20 years (1981 to around 2000). Stamps from Antigua continued to be printed with the names of both islands, while Barbuda issued stamps under its own name. Also during this time Antigua issued stamps for Redonda.

Looks like they may have ironed out their differences as Barbuda does have some political independence and is regarded as a dependency of Antigua. Barbuda stopped issuing stamps under its name in 2000, and uses the stamps inscribed Antigua & Barbuda.

Here's something to keep an eye out for. The "Barbuda" overprint on stamps from Antigua is often difficult to see. I have found several stamp sets and souvenir sheets in dealer Antiguan lots that have the Barbuda overprint that were identified as stamps from Antigua. While the stamps from Antigua are not that expensive, the ones with the Barbuda overprint generally are worth quite a bit more. Nice find when that happens.
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