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Europe/Russia : All-American Hero

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29 Nov 2015
Tom Hanks rides to the rescue of American morality (again) in Spielberg's new film Bridge of Spies. Spielberg is not above cutting some corners, of course, and embroidering some half-truths in his tale of the Cold War spy exchange that brought Gary Powers back to the USA. Here's one example: an end title magisterially informs us that Rudolf Abel (the spy in question) has never been acknowledged as a spy by the Russians.

Stamp collectors will shake their heads and smile at yet another example of comforting Spielbergery...

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That's Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, folks, celebrated in 1990's set of 'Intelligence Agents' alongside Kim Philby, Gordon Lonsdale et al.

You'll enjoy the film - the baddie is once again played by a Brit!

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29 Nov 2015

re: All-American Hero

But you guys play them so well..like Longshanks in Braveheart ! I remember Powers, i do not know how he could deny not being there to spy !

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