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Asia/China : Hong Kong: Speculation fever is alive and well.

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25 Nov 2015
Now here's an image that most of us aren't familiar with; a queue inside a Stampex exhibition hall, stretching as far as the eye can see:

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The reason for all this waiting:

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A re-issue of a $HK20 2014 miniature sheet, with a 2015 Stampex Exhibition logo.

These images were taken from an eBay auction item, where the seller listed a 'bulk' lot of 40 sheets. Here is the verbatim description:


"COMPLETELY 100% SOLD OUT IN HK on 3rd day of sale

This listing is for 40 x sheets ! wholesale .

Cheapest on ebay. If you understand the time and effort involved to obtain one single example of these, it seems a joke how cheap im selling them. not for long.

This is the much anticipated 2015 re issue of the 2014 GPO mini sheet with 2015 Stampex Exhibition LOGO, there were cues outside the Stampex building in Hong Kong days before the first day, all waiting for a chance to buy the sheet, you could only buy the sheet after obtaining a ticket which gave you the right to buy, and only then join a huge cue that lasted hours !! get this while you can ! The normal 2014 sheet still selling for close to £100 !!! This one issued this week is much more rare...!

I managed to get a few of these from a friend that stood around the Stampex building in all sorts of weather waiting to buy from those that cued for hours, was not easy to get these.... first come first served ! "

Well this bulk lot sold for £ 255 (US$385). To put this into some context, the total counter price of forty $HK20 sheets is $HK800, or £68 (US$103).

So the seller has done very nicely with this sale. However, if it is true that the 2014 sheet is selling for nearly £100 each, I wonder whether his selling strategy was that clever.

Nonetheless, what struck me more was the stamp buying fever that affects the Hong Kong stamp buying public.

This is what is missing from all other countries that I know of. If only there was this much enthusiasm for new stamp issues in our neck of the woods. It would surely be a much needed shot in the arm for the philatelic community.

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