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Asia/China : Hong Kong: 1982 Machin definitive set first day cover

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23 Oct 2015
I'm not usually enamoured of modern FDC's but make exceptions for definitive issues, when I can find them.

I have waited years for this particular issue because most that I have seen have had the stamps applied untidily, or with little imagination. This is the colony's first Machin design.

This layout may not appeal to everyone but it was what I was waiting for. As usual with these long definitive issues, the envelope is over large. This can make it awkward for album display:

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23 Oct 2015
re: Hong Kong: 1982 Machin definitive set first day cover

I don't keep my collection in albums but use Hagner leaves kept in A4 artist portfolios, which are zipped ring binder cases.

I do this because my collection is ever changing, either by additions or changes of formats (eg. pairs, blocks, control margin multiples etc.). Or, I sometimes get bored with a layout.

I've been playing with the same issue as shown in the FDC; the 1982 Machins. This is a particular favourite of mine.

Here I experimented with a white Hagner, which hasn't been in production for years. I just find it a bit repetitive to see reams of black Hagners. Sometimes I use white paper with coloured hand drawn borders around the stamp mounts.

The layout here is a bit of a cheat. These are not inter panneau pairs but two separate sets; one with selvedge and one without. They just happened to marry quite well. The low values are the same.

Image Not Found

As I said; this is an experiment, so it may change soon. I've noticed that the gum is more noticeable under the strips, on these white ones. Perhaps that's why they went out of production.

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