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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Auction Disc. : Tips For Making Your Buying, Window Shopping, and Browsing More Productive and Enjoyable

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13 Oct 2015
Hi Everyone;

Good afternoon from Michigan!

After reading many complaint threads about sellers and the auction/approval platforms,
their methods, and some not so kind words, and after much thought, I have a suggestion
for buyers and sellers. Stop your complaining and scaring away potential new members,
and develop some good buying/selling habits, and just plain common sense and good

I welcome further discussion on this topic, but please keep your negativism out of here.
We do not need those bad vibes. Also try to keep your remarks on the topic of buyer/seller
tips to make the two platforms AS THEY ARE NOW, more enjoyable for all. Instead of ex-
pecting the SOR platforms to make huge changes just for your specific needs.

All those of you who have complained about poor images of sellers, have you ever offer
to private message that seller? Maybe offer to help them make their images better? Isn't
that what we are all here for, to help each other? This question could be extended to lots
of other complaints about sellers, like for example wrong categories or too many catego-
ries. Have you ever private messaged them? I do this a lot. Even tho they are competing
against me and my offerings. It is just the right thing to do!

Sellers, if you are getting bad vibes from buyers, and want help, here is my suggestion.
If you are embarrassed about your lack of knowledge, then Private Message me directly for
assistance. Or message one of your buyers. I have polled many of my buyers for their feed-
back, and found it very helpful. Another idea is, when reading these threads, if you feel
comfortable with one persons remarks, and want their advice, Private Message them and
ask for their input.

Lots of buyers like to combine shipping by selecting items from the same seller. Here is a
few tricks that some buyer's may not be aware of. All buyers should have a short list of
favored sellers to make their browsing more productive and enjoyable. This way you can
avoid low-priced material that you don't like, lots that you feel are over-priced, or have
been re-listed a few too many times.

The easiest way to look at a specific seller's lots within several selected categories:

1) From "Home Page" click "Auctions"

2) Select your first category

3) Click the following Filter: "Display Only" > "UserName" > "Refresh"

4) Search as many lots as you like and then click on the next category; the system will
save your filter settings for the entire session.

5) The second category will only display your favored seller.

6) Any further category changes will continue to display that seller.

7) If you have another favored seller, click that UserName in the drop-down list and then
click "refresh". You are now set to see all the lots of that seller in all categories until you

8) When selecting your favored seller, you can shift-click two or more of them to see all
those lots from those favored sellers.

9) If you like looking at many different sellers offerings, but have a couple of sellers you
dislike then do this: "Filter: Exclude" > "UserName" Mr. bad images, Mr. Over-priced,
& Mr. re-listed, > "Refresh"

10) Another tip for slower connections is; When you select your first category, open it as
a new page. Then you can go back to the Category list more quickly, because that won't
have to re-load, as it would if you use the back-arrow.

Any questions or complaints can be addressed to me privately without any embarrass-
ment of your knowledge, or bad vibes to scare away new members, on this thread:


Happy browsing....

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13 Oct 2015
re: Tips For Making Your Buying, Window Shopping, and Browsing More Productive and Enjoyable

Thanks, TuskenRaider!

I would add for the Auctions especially if a buyer or seller is uncomfortable messaging the other person directly, they can always message myself and/or David. If you want to contact us both at the same time, you would have to email.

I too would like to keep the discussions positive while being able to listen to suggestions to improve the Auctions and/or Approvals be made more private.


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14 Oct 2015
re: Tips For Making Your Buying, Window Shopping, and Browsing More Productive and Enjoyable

Excellent advice!!!!!

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