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Europe/Great Britain : The GB Nicholas Winton stamp

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17 Sep 2015
Despite my doubts that it would ever come to pass, the Royal Mail is to feature Sir Nicholas Winton on a GB stamp next year (it says in my latest copy of Gibbons Stamp Monthly).

Apparently the decision was made after a petition was signed by 'over 105,000 people' and Royal Mail have graciously agreed that Sir Nicholas is 'worthy to be honoured with a stamp'. (There is something irredeemably pompous about RM's pronouncements, as if anyone outside the stamp-collecting community gave a toss who or what was on their seldom-seen stamps.)

Crowd-sourced decision-making is rather popular over here these days (I do not know if US newspapers carry political news from the UK). Maybe all GB stamps could be sourced from petitions.

Anyway, I am glad about the Winton decision, however arrived at or announced. (The Czechs have already issued one. It looks good.)

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18 Sep 2015
re: The GB Nicholas Winton stamp

From the BBC, July 1st, 2015

" ...Sir Nicholas Winton, who organised the rescue of 669 children destined for Nazi concentration camps, has died aged 106. Sir Nicholas, then a stockbroker, arranged for trains to carry Jewish children out of occupied Prague. The prime minister described him as a "great man" and the chief rabbi praised his "exceptional courage". He died on the anniversary of the departure of a train in 1939 carrying the largest number of children - 241. His son-in-law Stephen Watson said he died peacefully in his sleep at Wexham Hospital, Slough. Sir Nicholas brought the children to Britain, battling bureaucracy at both ends, saving them from almost certain death, and then kept quiet about his exploits for a half-century. He organised a total of eight trains from Prague, with some other forms of transport also set up from Vienna. ..."

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