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Europe/Great Britain : The long awaited Deegam Report #114 is on-line

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10 Sep 2015
The delayed issue of DR-114 is available to subscribers and is well worth the delay.
First off, there is a section about the "Long to Reign" issues that will be worth reading and perhaps taking notes.
Doug illustrates the "LTR" Mini sheet with five stamps, the center being a regular Machin, the four that flank the center are in the landscape format and as expected are quite striking. I may have to break down and acquire an unused example instead of seeking one postally used as has been my habit.
The entire range of special Royal Mail issuances in several formats are also illustrated. I expect RM will make a small fortune selling all the extranious memorabilia.
Doug also offers an explanation of some mis-understanding about the types of security cuts used on the recent stamps, repeating info that is available in Volume One of the CDMH, but often unread.
An update concerning the Fast stamp labels follows.
Then there is a lengthly exposure of some of the recent eBay offers that are, to say the least, dicy and overpriced. I am sure we can all learn some interesting details and perhaps save a mini-fortune. There are many examples of items being sold as trial issuances that "jes ain't so", and possibly collected at significant expense that Machinistas ought to be aware of.
This particular Deegam report is chock-a-block with the kind of inside details that The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook is famous for, and will require more than a passing glance.
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