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Oceania/Australia : Roo question # 2

03 Sep 2015
Ok guy's here we go again with a crazy question, How many diffrent "roo" stamps are there and what years do they cover? Thanks Devil Dog
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Just one more small cover .....
03 Sep 2015
re: Roo question # 2

Hi Brian,
I have a feeling that you would really enjoy a trip to your local library to have a look at the Roo stamps. Winking

There were several issues of Roo stamps, starting in 1913 and going through 1936 (according to my catalog). I'm too lazy to count them all but they were issued over 4 periods between 1913 and 1936 with four different watermarks. In most cases the watermarks are fairly easy to see. I can usually see them just by putting them against a black background. Sometimes they are not alway obvious but can be worked out from what you can see and logical reasoning from what you know from the catalog. When you go to the library, have a look at the watermarks at the start of the Australian section and you will see what I mean.

The Roos themselves are a fascinating area to collect. I have spent many hours enjoying working out the discrepancies between the different "die's". They are almost as fun as the KGV's Big Grin

I hope this helps.

Regards ... Tim.

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04 Sep 2015
re: Roo question # 2

Tim - you forgot about the re-engraved 2/- issue from 1945.

Brian - you might find this site helpful. Click on the Kangaroos+ heading for the rest of the Roos.


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