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United States/Covers & Postmarks : 1859 "Missent" Auxiliary Marking

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12 Jul 2015
I am wondering when is the earliest occurrence of the "Missent" auxiliary marking on mail.

This is my latest acquisition of a cover intended for Clarksville, VA that was missent to Charlottsville, VA with a nice blue CDS and "Missent" marking. This is my earliest example of this marking, though not hardly the earliest usage.

Edit: I know that there exist very early manuscript "Missent" markings but I am referring to pre-made markings from a stamp (made of rubber, steel, etc).

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12 Jul 2015
re: 1859 "Missent" Auxiliary Marking

My guess would be sometime in the early 1850s. There is one currently listed for sale on eBay from 1854, and there is a completed auction that did not sell from 1851.

It is a very nice cover! I live in Charlottesville, and would be interested in trading for it if you ever plan to part with it.

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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
13 Jul 2015
re: 1859 "Missent" Auxiliary Marking

lovely cover, Antonio

I'll need to look in my Missent file to see what I see. Doubtful I can beat it though

I spent time in Charlottesville, years ago, pursuing my masters in 18th Century English prose, concentrating on Sterne.

Anyone surprised?


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