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Asia/China : Hong Kong: KEVII High value fiscal with forged cancel

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25 Jun 2015
I have just spotted this in the eBay store of a Hong Kong based seller: a rather tired looking KEVII 1903 $5 that has had a 'transformation'.

This is actually the best version of this forgery I have seen (but that's not saying much):

Image Not Found

Originally, the bottom part of the cancellation was worded PAID ALL, indicating fiscal usage.

In an attempt to convince collectors that this had been through the postal system, the forger (faker?) modified those two words to read (P)OSTAGE. Only the letter A is genuine.

Apart from one or two dodgy looking characters, the big giveaway is the use of the word 'POSTAGE' itself. This has never been used on any Hong Kong CDS cancellator.

The disappointing aspect of this being, that the seller, who has priced this at £150 (US$236), is no novice and sells Hong Kong material exclusively. It is listed in SG at £550.

A useful reference perhaps for forgery collectors.

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