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Europe/Great Britain : Deegam Reports #112

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16 Apr 2015
The latest DGR, #112 , is on line for subscribers and contains data about the recent tariff increases. Among the items are scans of the new values which extend the long line of definitive Machins the started with the humble ½d forty-seven years ago and now reaches the "£"values.
" ...... Six new Machins and eight new Country pictorials were issued on 24 March
2015 as listed below. The Machin colours are from the Jubilee palette.
£1.33 Amber yellow Worldwide airmail letter up to 20g
£1.52 Orchid Mauve Europe airmail letter up to 100g
£2.25 Plum purple Worldwide airmail letter up to 100g
£2.45 Spruce green Europe large airmail letter up to 100g
£3.15 Aqua green ROW zone 1, large airmail letter up to 100g
£3.30 Rose pink ROW zone 2, large airmail letter up to 100g ..."

" ....England
Oak tree £1.00 E20/W10 & Tudor rose £1.33 Worldwide up to 20g
N. Ireland
Irish linen £1.00 E20/W10 & Parian china £1.33 Worldwide up to 20g
Thistle £1.00 E20/W10 & Tartan £1.33 Worldwide up to 20g
Daffodil £1.00 E20/W10 & PoW feathers £1.33 Worldwide up to 20g ..."

(From DGR #112)

The colors are bright and cheerful enough to light up the page in any album.
Doug mentions that the simplified level now contains 448 individual color values and that 129 color names have been used, a study in itself.

Several sections of the on-line Complete Deegam Machin Handbook have been updated so some who own the disc version may want to trade in their copy for the latest updates.

Unlike Scott and Gibbons the numbering system invented by Doug and used by the CDMH remains the same and new issues fit in without changing earlier issue's numbers and locations.

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16 Apr 2015
re: Deegam Reports #112

Thankyou Charlie...Just what was needed to update my collection..I have the GB machins...now off to find the regionals!

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