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01 Mar 2015
Does anyone ever remember meeting a T.J. Tyson. He fancied himself a cover designer.

Rummaging through flee-bay I found this, his pony express cover.....


I don't know who the seller is and have no affiliation....

Over 30 years ago, I installed an alarm system for T.J. at the address on the above cover. He was a very old man back then.

His stamp room was upstairs and hidden behind a false wall. While trying to fish wiring through walls I uncovered the bat cave. When I was finished upstairs, I told him I uncovered his secret room, his face almost hit the floor. We both sensed his panic and I told him I was a collector as well, I'm not sure he was totally ok yet.

The next working day I took my Liberty album, my pride and joy. Fresh out of high school that Liberty was not much of a collection but T.J. treated it like it was his own precious work. When I finished up for the day, he said he had a few things for my book. Up in the bat cave, he replaced all of my used airmail with mint and just about completed the airmail section.

He was upset he didn't have or couldn't find some of his covers. He gave me the following photo copied sheets and autographed them.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

If anybody here knew the man and wants the above photo copies. Tell me something about T.J. and they're yours for the asking.

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