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Asia/China : Hong Kong: Rare 1946 Victory stamp designer letter, sells on eBay

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18 Feb 2015

Hong Kong 1946 Victory stamp issue. Rare postal history letter signed by artist sold yesterday (18th February) for £590 (US$786)on eBay.

From the description


"A unique opportunity to acquire a letter from E. I Wynne-Jones Postmaster General (Hong Kong) and Designer of the Victory stamps. The letter dated 6 September 1946 was sent to H M Postmaster General (GB) Lord Listowel, thanking him for his gift of GB Victory stamps and, in return, enclosing:

(1) a copy of an article dated 27 August 1946 he had written describing how he had designed the stamps during internment in Stanley Camp and

(2) corner blocks of four of the Hong Kong Victory stamps. Clearly Lord Listowel (or someone in his office) was a keen stamp collector because one of each stamp has been removed from the blocks.

The letter is signed by E. I Wynne-Jones and is a document of some philatelic significance."

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Here's an image I had of the original artwork:

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