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Club Business & Announcements/Tech Advice : Offering sets on approval

09 Feb 2015
First, thanks to all who helped me with the sizing of the images to post on approvals. First book is posted and doing fairly well.
New question: I have some sets to put on approval, but that seems to contradict the rule that stamps need to be individually identified and priced. If a set has five or six or more items and is a complete set and is intended to be sold as a complete unit, is there a special area to do this? The stamp count could be quite high, but the book count might seem low. Thanks, Don
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09 Feb 2015
re: Offering sets on approval

If you assemble a substantial number of sets which can be offered as, for example, 4 sets on a page at the same price per set, and can assemble a book of such pages which contain 25 sets or more (total number of stamps in all sets should exceed 100), and can fit the book into an existing category, then you should contact the Approvals Moderator, rrraphy, and ask for an exception to the rule.

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