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Canada/Other : Unitrade Catalogue & Putting Together My Canada Collection

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03 Feb 2015
I just started putting together my Canada collection. I used my 1992 Unitrade to nice and quickly get all the issues into my stockbook leaving spaces here and there that are missing. Of course then I had to pull out my 2012 catalogue to keep going. Why can't they make two Unitrade catalogues? One that is specialised and one that just gives a full listing. This bloody catalogue is a pain in the neck. It's heavy and awkward (although I've always been grateful since they started making them coiled). It would just be so much easier if they did like the Michel Germany - have one that lists everything and then one that is like the current edition - oy!

Well, that's my complaint of the day. Taking a rest from lifting the catalogue and then I'll pull out my recent acquisitions and sort them and put them into the stockbook. It'll be fun to get to the point where I can print off my pages and start actually mounting them.

On a different thread I was trying to figure out how to create the collection about mixing mint and used. Michael#s had a great idea of having the mint opposite to the page of used. I figure since I'll never get mint of some of the early editions, to create two separate album collections.

I've got a huge box of older blocks and definitives which are going to have to wait their turn - I'm definitely not looking forward to looking at paper types and tagging. So putting them aside and creating my commemoratives first. Boy, no wonder the Canadian postal system is in trouble - they went on some kind of competitive stamp issue spree after 1999! Seriously, what is the purpose of putting out full sets every month or several sets a month? Oh well, this will be fun. I've got lots of nice ones to soak that I wouldn't otherwise have - just hope the SAs will soak and not self-destruct!
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13 Feb 2015
re: Unitrade Catalogue & Putting Together My Canada Collection

I agree the weight is an issue. There could easily be a second volume made of the BOB stuff - that's 150 pages. Add the front section to to make it volume I and you would have 188 pages in Vol I and the balance in Vol II.

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