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Europe/Great Britain : British stamp and currency forger dies

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20 Jan 2015
An article in the "Daily Mail" reports that Thomas McAnea a forger of the 1st class flame NVI passed away.

" ... Master banknote forger who could have crippled Britain's economy dies from cancer after lifetime spent inhaling toxic printing fumes
On the face of it, he ran a tiny printer’s shop, apparently producing nothing more exciting than menus for Chinese restaurants.
Behind the scenes, however, Thomas McAnea was a master forger at the centre of a major counterfeiting operation with the power to threaten Britain’s economic stability. ..."

After a life of printing millions of pounds of UK currency and an uncounted value of postage stamps McAnea passed away at his home in Glasgow last week, apparently just one step above being destitute.

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" ... Detectives also found templates for other forgeries including passports, driving licences, ID cards, bank statements, utility bills, MoT certificates ..."
Link to the rest of the story

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21 Jan 2015
re: British stamp and currency forger dies

I am glad you echoed my post ... the salient point I made was the sheet showing 1st flame forgery ... Booklets of 12.

the philatelic press has not reported any to date ... so if distributed prior to seizure, they lie in kiloware ... worth keeping in mind, when you scan stocks with uv-lamp ... forgeries can exhibit flourescent bands, but no phosphor bands.

hope this post brings replys...

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