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United States/Covers & Postmarks : 267 Cover with Fancy Cancel

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18 Jan 2015

I do not collect postal history, but I have to say, if a cover as attractive as this ever came into my possession, it would become a treasured past of my collection! I cannot help you in your inquiries, but I just had to thank you for sharing this cover with us.

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18 Jan 2015
re: 267 Cover with Fancy Cancel

Absolutely lovely cancel and I don't recall seeing one before. The standard reference for fancy cancels on these bureau issues is U.S. Cancels - 1890-1900 by Sol Salkind.
Your cancel is identical to to Salkind reference number ST-5B-4 with the exception that the illustration in the book shows the outer 5 rays shaded - since most of Salkind's illustrations appear to be either tracings or enhanced pictures it is difficult to know if it is exact or not.

Fancy cancels are considerably scarcer on the baby banknotes of this era than they are on the large banknotes that preceded them. Yours is quite a gem and may well be a "discovery" cover identifying the town using the cancel (this in itself does not make it valuable, it's just helpful to collectors) - perfins are the same way.

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