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Auction Lots Posted by jrc531

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ItemsSellerClosesNum BidsHigh/Min
#599, 2¢ George Washington, coil, used, on piece  

Views: 2

United States - 1901 to 1940

jrc53128 Oct
#1743, (15¢) A Eagle Stamps, unused, PR, coil, NH, OG  

United States - 1941 to Present
jrc53128 Oct
#1950, 20¢ Franklin D. Roosevelt, unused, PR, NH, OG  

Views: 2

United States - 1941 to Present

jrc53128 Oct
#1932, 18¢ Babe Didrikson Zaharias, unused, PR, NH, O dull G  

Views: 1

United States - 1941 to Present

jrc53128 Oct
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