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The 13 Stamps of Nova Scotia

A Brief History

by Kenneth Perry
20th of July 2010


Nova Scotia is located on the Eastern Coast of Canada between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.  Prior to joining the Canadian Confederation in 1867 it was a British Crown Colony.

The first Nova Scotia postal stamp has the image of Queen Victoria in the center.

Issued in 1851.



The second and third issues were 3 pence and differed by their blue color.

Crown of the Great Britain Heraldic Flowers of the Empire

#2 & #3


The fourth and fifth issues were 6 pence.

  They differed by their green color also but the darker issue is far more valuable.

4th & 5th


The most valuable of the Nova Scotia issues are the 1 shilling Purples

The sixth & seventh issues

#6 & #7

All the above issues were unwatermarked, imperf, and on bluish paper.

Issue dates ranged from 1851-1857


Queen Victoria returned on the 1860-1863 issues.

  They were perf 12 on white or yellowish paper.

ISSUES #8 - #10

#8 - #10

ISSUES #11 - #13

#11 - #13

The stamps of Nova Scotia were replaced by Canadian Postage in 1867-68.

Ken Perry

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