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The 1869 Issues

by Kenneth Perry
23rd of February 2010



March 1st 1869 - April 9th 1870

The 1869 series of stamps is NOT considered by the US Postal Service to be COMMEMORATE ISSUES

Perf 12  - "G" Grill
* except SPECIAL PRINTING ( NO Grill )


1-cent postage has head of Benjamin Franklin, after a bust by Houdon.

Vignettes:  by Joseph Pease
Frames: by Wm. Nichols
Lettering:  by J, C, Kenworthy

16,610,132 PRINTED                                       *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 5,000 PRINTED

1c 1869


2-cent postage is of a Post rider and horse.

Vignettes: by Christian Rost
Frames & Lettering: by George Thurber

 57,000,000 PRINTED                                      *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 4,700 PRINTED

2c 1869


3-cent postage is a 4-4-0 wood burning locomotive.

Vignettes: by Christian Rost
Frames & Lettering: by George Thurber

356,000,000 PRINTED                                  *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 1,406 PRINTED

3c 1869


6-cent postage is the head of Washington, after a Stuart's painting.

Vignettes: by W. Marshall
Frames:  by Wm. Nichols
Lettering: J, C, Kenworthy

4,900.000 PRINTED                                   *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 2,226 PRINTED

6c 1869


10-cent postage is a shield with an eagle resting with outstretched wings.

Vignettes, Frames & Lettering: by D. Ronaldson

3,300,000 PRINTED                                 *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 1,947 PRINTED

10c 1869


12-cent postage has the ocean steamship, the SS Adriatic, in rough seas.

Vignettes: by James Smillie
Frames & Lettering: by George Thurber

3,000,000 PRINTED                                *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 1,584 PRINTED

12c 1869


15-cent postage ( Type 1 - Type 2 ) represents the landing of Columbus, after the painting by Vanderlyn in the Capitol in Washington D. C.

Vignettes: by James Smillie
Frames: by D. S. Ronaldson
Lettering: by J, C, Kenworthy

   200,000 Type 1 PRINTED        The 15¢ Type 1 exists with inverted center
1,240,000 Type 2 PRINTED                    *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 1,981 PRINTED

15c 1869


24-cent postage represents the signing of the Declaration of Independence, after the painting by Trumbull in the Capitol in Washington D. C.

Vignettes: by James Smillie
Frames: by D. S. Ronaldson
Lettering: J, C, Kenworthy

235,000 PRINTED                                          *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 2,091 PRINTED
                               The 24 ¢ exists with inverted center

24C 1869

30-cent postage has an eagle on a shield surrounded by flags grouped on either side.

Vignettes, Frames & Lettering: by D. Ronaldson

244,000 PRINTED                                     *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 1,535 PRINTED
                                  The 30¢ exists with inverted center

30C 1869



90-cent postage is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, from a photograph.

Vignettes: by J. Ourdan
Frames: by D. S. Ronaldson
Lettering: by J, C, Kenworthy

47,460 PRINTED                                       *1875 SPECIAL PRINTING 1,356 PRINTED

90C 1869


The designs were furnished by the National Bank Note Co, of New York with there bid, upon which a contract was entered into on the 12th of December 1868.

SPECIAL NOTE: All except the 6¢, 10¢, & 12¢ are known to exist without grill and would sell for premium value.

Ken Perry

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