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Book #21868: FRANCE Semi Postal to 1965, M , MNH and Sets All with Cat #s/Yrs(rrraphy)

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FRANCE Semi Postal M and MNH @ $0.15

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General Comments About the Items on the Page:
FRANCE Semi Postal to 1965 M & MNH as shown
ALL with Scott Category numbers/Yrs.
Grouped by price brackets, Few duplicates.
The book has stamps and sets with Catalog Values under $20.00. Prices are under $3.00 The higher value stamps will be in a special Approval Book in the future. I try to note flaws, but some may escape me. Feel free to return anything you don't like.

This is the Second in a series of FRANCE M and MNH Approval Books. Books will be issued in sequence, about one book every few weeks.

I bill once a month (on the first of the month), or on request.
When done, please let me know. For small amounts, I allow extra time before billing, to give you a chance to purchase more items. Shipping costs are as incurred using regular mail, plus $0.75 for material etc..
Paypal free for purchases over $5.00 otherwise add $0.50.
For amounts over $25.00 I use priority mail with tracking, unless you request the less expensive method at your own risks.
I usually have a dozen or more books active at any one time.

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