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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14969Unread GERMANY 1870-1970 comet662477057.0%0.101.0026
14980Unread Czechoslovakia: 1919 Onward. 1938324914454.9%0.060.0622
14982Unread Vatican City-MNH/MLH/Used-Sets-Singles- Book 2 stokesville2013152.7%0.103.0021
14979Unread Airplanes and Flying Machines Stamps,Postcards and Covers eugen012421550.2%0.088.0086
14971Unread Vatican MNH/MLH/Used sets and singles- Book 1 stokesville1618038.9%0.050.9027
14974Unread Romania Through 1990's mint/used with Scott# & Index Soundcrest246437.5%0.054.7515
14968Unread NEW ZEALAND - USED- mainly 1990 to present, with higher values. boxwood912033.3%0.091.0032
14972Unread France (thru 1950) cardstamp1120530.2%0.150.6526
14908Unread Austria mint and used JimMcGrathStamps617030.0%0.100.1020
14975Unread Kenya Uganda and Those Between Them With Scott# & Index Soundcrest168929.2%0.055.2523
14992Unread WW mixture - mint and used camuca1012627.0%0.060.7026
14987Unread SPAIN - 1950s & 1960s - Back of Book & Charity Seals StampDevotee2450421.0%0.080.2025
14985Unread Airplanes and Flying Machines Stamps,Postcards and Covers eugen011713219.7%0.0815.0044
14973Unread Old Croatia mint/used with Scott# & Index Soundcrest1412018.3%0.055.0031
14970Unread GREAT BRITAIN 1850-1970 comet662336715.5%0.101.0027
14991Unread French Colonies & Territories (thru 1965) cardstamp1426015.4%0.100.7027
14981Unread Canada #3- #1968 to present, Back of Book- restocked July 9, 2019 Abacusboy42453714.9%0.100.8034
14990Unread Chile used with BOB Torchwood611012.7%0.100.1526
14989Unread Great Britain #3- # 1642 to present (Gibbons)- restocked July 12, 2019 Abacusboy42344411.9%0.155.0036
14993Unread Ireland & Netherland  parjac131648.5%0.020.2016
14983Unread Norway2 Mostly Used w/ Scott #'s from 800-1089 david1361751208.3%0.060.0633
14988Unread AUSTRIA-HUNGARY USED COMBINATION Grampaone8751064.7%0.030.0526
14986Unread France (1951 - 1970) cardstamp112044.4%0.100.7019
14984Unread Rwanda - Mint and Used - Heavy Topicals - Ordered by Scott # stampfair52503.6%0.080.0828
14994Unread AUSTRALIA - USED Grampaone8772000.0%0.030.031
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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