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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14120Unread NEPAL 1930-2002 MINT & USED burrowsj1530886.4%0.050.2518
14119Unread Middle East Ajman South Arabia Oman Fujeira Qiwain Yemen FewCents223520.0%0.070.2013
14118Unread Ceylon / Sri Lanka - selection of used stamps siem310124.8%0.100.1012
14117Unread Great Britain- used from 1165 to 1641 (Gibbons catalog) Abacusboy4164003.3%0.150.1513
14115Unread Belgium bpost stamps eugen0165782.5%0.100.1016
14114Unread USA FDCs Postal Stationery 1946-1989 - book 8 FewCents11517.8%0.500.5013
14113Unread USA FDCs Postal Stationery 1948-1995 - book 7 FewCents241203.3%0.500.5011
14112Unread USA FDCs Postal Stationery 1974-1982 - book 6 FewCents241254.8%0.500.5010
14111Unread CANADA - Large Selection of USED Stamps Price ReducedKemling1226291.1%0.100.1517
14110Unread USA FDCs Postal Stationery 1941-1974 - book 5 FewCents2413013.1%0.500.5014
14109Unread GDR. Issued under Russian Occupation: 10N1 to 16NB4 dresden2224446.7%0.0540.0021
14107Unread CANADA - USED Grampaone8782765.8%0.030.0315
14106Unread BULGARIA - Large Selection of Used/CTO & MH Stamps Kemling1234037.2%0.101.5014
14105Unread East Germany, Mixed, 1970 to 1973, Sets and singles BrechiniteUK1915139.1%0.060.5010
14104Unread British Commonwealth, Mixed, Various countries BrechiniteUK811241.1%0.060.0616
14103Unread Greece, Used, 1980 to 1985 BrechiniteUK1112548.0%0.060.069
14102Unread USA FDCs from 1950 - book 4  FewCents157429.7%0.500.5013
14101Unread USA FDCs Postal Stationery from 1950 - book 3 FewCents2412020.8%0.500.5016
14100Unread USA FDCs Postal Stationery from 1930 - book 2 FewCents241205.0%0.500.5019
14099Unread USA FDCs Postal Stationary from 1900 - book 1 FewCents14695.8%0.500.5020
14098Unread CANADA - MINT NEVER HINGED Grampaone87815030.7%0.051.9912
14096Unread Yugoslavia used sorted by scott# stampfair11149.6%0.070.0716
14095Unread MALTA - Large Selection of Used & MH Stamps Kemling171833.3%0.102.0022
14094Unread FRANCE - REPUBLIQUE FRANCAIS - Large Selection of Used & MH Stamps Kemling1247349.0%0.100.1522
14093Unread Albania Croatia Jugoslavia and Russia  FewCents1740113.0%0.060.1216
14092Unread GERMANY 1975-2015 MINT & USED burrowsj2043734.3%0.030.0522
14091Unread GERMANY MINT & USED 1975-2015 burrowsj713642.6%0.050.0518
14090Unread Israel - various used stamps siem62221.8%0.060.1019
14089Unread Canada #3 Catalog # 1968 to present plus Back of Book Abacusboy42352529.1%0.101.0024
14088Unread Turkey mostly all used and different FewCents929936.8%0.040.0617
14087Unread Israel: 1988 Onward + AIR POST STAMPS & POSTAGE DUE STAMPS 1938324510046.0%0.100.1017
14086Unread IRELAND MINT & USED 1927-2005 burrowsj2236442.9%0.056.9920
14085Unread SPAIN USED burrowsj714719.0%0.050.0525
14080Unread NETHERLANDS & COLONIES MINT & USED burrowsj1938257.6%0.050.3527
14079Unread Italian Libya Mint/Used Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest209157.1%0.0525.0016
14078Unread Saar Mint & Used with Scott# & Index Soundcrest1711647.4%0.054.7518
14077Unread Older Senegal Through Early 1960's w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1111168.5%0.051.9024
14076Unread Liechtenstein Mint/Used/MNH 1940-90's With index/Scott#  Soundcrest17813.7%0.059.5027
14075Unread JAPAN > vol 6 - All USED, some old, some new & perfectures boxwood123583.9%0.070.3015
14074Unread Japan - Mint stamps - old camuca162330.0%0.158.0034
14073Unread FRANCE USED burrowsj611155.0%0.030.0519
14072Unread RWANDA comet66122292.2%0.100.1022
14071Unread Russia only used commemoratives 1965-74 FewCents1227644.9%0.080.0819
14070Unread Russia from 18xx to the 70's FewCents1234418.6%0.050.0820
14069Unread BELGIUM USED  burrowsj715949.1%0.050.0522
14068Unread Middle East stamps and minisheets FewCents1229719.2%0.080.5028
14067Unread GREECE - HELLAS - Large Selection of Used & MH Stamps Kemling182281.8%0.100.1523
14066Unread AUSTRIA SWITZERLAND USED burrowsj920056.5%0.050.0523
14065Unread US MNH, mostly 1970's many below face comet6659710.3%0.100.1022
14064Unread Canada & Newfoundland to 1950 comet66102420.4%0.101.0041
14063Unread France mostly used FewCents2429714.5%0.050.7520
14062Unread PORTUGAL MODERN USED burrowsj511657.8%0.050.0524
14061Unread Finland: 1969 Onward 1938324510025.0%0.100.1027
14060Unread Germania stamps with full cancel dates eugen0131048.7%0.250.4034
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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