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Book List: UNITED STATES of AMERICA (including UN)

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13590Unread United States. Used Stamps. Part One. pelleholm101000.0%0.050.0574
13811Unread United Stades Various  parjac101610.0%0.010.1554
13546Unread United States. Used Stamps. Part Two. pelleholm101001.0%0.050.0537
13380Unread USA Used Gaspelad111361.5%0.050.1057
13788Unread Used US postage stamps ccndd205585.0%0.050.2550
13728Unread UNITED STATES - USED Grampaone87102655.7%0.030.0540
13613Unread US: Scott #700-1900 comet66235708.6%0.100.6577
13808Unread Stamps from the USA #2 mikek5611814.4%0.050.0530
13726Unread US Used  oldguy2177515.2%0.050.1037
13333Unread USA - Airmail & Atypical Denominations - Some On Paper Self Adhesives StampDevotee1319818.2%0.151.3585
13286Unread USA - 39 Cents to 44 Cent Stamps - Self Adhesives on Paper StampDevotee2334622.0%0.100.1079
13300Unread USA - Self Adhesives on Paper - 44 Cent Flags & Forevers StampDevotee1723530.6%0.100.2070
13382Unread USA - Mostly recent used. Also Postal Stationary mitoneu1625531.8%0.030.5073
13727Unread  U.S. FDCs-mostly Artcraft w/ other cachet makers- New Years Special. Stampfire245038.0%0.500.5020
13252Unread Ryukyu Islands #42-228 MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1213060.0%0.050.8562
13587Unread New Years Special-U.S. Artcraft & Fleetwood (mostly) FDCs. Stampfire244860.4%0.500.5031
13628Unread UNITED STATES - USED * Grampaone87515363.4%0.050.0528
13475Unread UNITED STATES 3 - Used Definitives 2000-2018 allyouneedgalaxy1120463.7%0.050.1664
13482Unread UNITED STATES MNH POSTAL CARDS 1911 to 1993 Cactusjack245373.6%0.114.5045
13713Unread New Years Special-U.S. mostly Artcraft & Fleetwood FDCs. Stampfire244875.0%0.500.5017
13342Unread Stamps from the United States - New Pages Added mikek51327075.9%0.050.0598
13504Unread New Years Special-U.S. Fleetwood FDCs. Stampfire244881.3%0.500.5041
12788Unread USA Used and Unused Plate Blocks (Book 3) Misterstamper232382.6%0.251.0078
13324Unread USA - used cougar511185.6%0.040.2086
13519Unread New Years Special-U.S. Artcraft (mostly) FDCs. Stampfire244889.6%0.500.5031
13789Unread Used US postage stamps with sets, souvenir sheet singles and such ccndd715898.1%0.100.5044
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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