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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
15641Unread TRAINS - From Old to New StampDevotee913244.7%0.100.1039
16315Unread Topicals:- Space, Mixed, Various Countries BrechiniteUK222593.1%0.050.0516
16312Unread Topicals:- Skiing, Mixed, various countries BrechiniteUK1013218.2%0.090.0912
16216Unread Topicals:- Christmas, Mixed, Mostly British Commonwealth BrechiniteUK910850.0%0.080.0814
16020Unread Surcharged and Overprinted from all over the world MNH Hinged used - 3 thaisballtrap81017.9%0.081.1325
14047Unread Surcharged and Overprinted from all over the world - MNH Hinged used thaisballtrap2429013.4%0.072.8549
15849Unread Sports and Fauna camuca912120.7%0.070.3524
15336Unread SPORT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD - FOOTBALL - used/hinged/MNH thaisballtrap242827.8%0.074.9057
16245Unread Romanian CTO sets LVS954135616.1%0.350.6017
16283Unread PEOPLE ON STAMPS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm51001.0%0.030.0515
16154Unread OLD POSTCARDS - UNITED STATES - NEW !!! GOOD CONDITIONS - BOOK 1 thaisballtrap247219.4%0.500.5043
15969Unread MARINE LIFE - From Australia to Wallis & Futuna StampDevotee1924630.5%0.107.0029
15597Unread MAPS on Stamps, STAMPS on Stamps & MUSIC StampDevotee1316339.9%0.120.1232
15569Unread MAPS - COAT OF ARMS - FLAGS - USED/HINGED/MNH - BOOK 1 thaisballtrap132089.1%0.050.1226
15359Unread MAMMALS - From A to Z StampDevotee1015137.7%0.100.1055
15364Unread LIBERIA USED STAMPS foudutimbre57226.4%0.100.1028
14145Unread HEALTH AND RED CROSS - MNH/HINGED/USED - from all over the world thaisballtrap2422939.7%0.072.7049
15357Unread FRUITS, VEGETABLES & a few FLOWERS StampDevotee810436.5%0.100.5047
15573Unread FRENCH COLONIES - USED/HINGED/MNH - BOOK 2 thaisballtrap232909.7%0.083.9071
15330Unread FLOWERS - CTOs & Used StampDevotee1015220.4%0.100.1052
16282Unread BUILDINGS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm41004.0%0.030.0521
15365Unread BOATS/SHIPS & PLANES StampDevotee1014841.2%0.100.1048
16281Unread BIRDS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm710024.0%0.030.1015
15337Unread BIRDS - Used & MNH - Book 1 StampDevotee1115551.0%0.100.5059
15578Unread BIRDS - Book 2 StampDevotee1624727.1%0.100.1042
15608Unread ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDS - Used, CTOs & MNH  StampDevotee812639.7%0.100.1035
16284Unread ANIMALS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm610054.0%0.030.0515
16105Unread All modes of transport around the world - BOOK7 - MNH/HINGED/USED thaisballtrap243135.1%0.080.4579
15930Unread All modes of transport around the world - BOOK6 PLANE BOAT CAR MNH H thaisballtrap2429211.6%0.080.9850
15430Unread All modes of transport around the world - BOOK5 PLANE BOAT CAR MNH H thaisballtrap242446.6%0.083.2554
15572Unread AIRCRAFT - All Used StampDevotee710037.0%0.100.3037
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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