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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13418Unread Princess Diana - Miniture Sheets, sets, MNH - each with a certificate cougar890.0%1.001.005
12883Unread Flowers, worldwide, MNH, Used, CTOs ... Germet112897.6%0.050.0530
12832Unread TOPIC: VISUAL ARTS: Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book 1) Misterstamper242711.1%0.303.0028
12798Unread FAUNA (Book 6) Australia, Berlin, and Iceland sets, singles, & lots Misterstamper242714.8%0.202.0043
13229Unread All modes of transport around the world - MNH hinged used thaisballtrap2435216.2%0.070.8652
12777Unread TOPIC: FAUNA Sets & singles from USA & Australia (Book 5) Misterstamper242416.7%0.251.7536
13292Unread FAUNA FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD - USED/HINGED/MNH - BOOK 4 thaisballtrap2133418.9%0.070.6832
13265Unread Flowers . Used Stamps. Part One. pelleholm1010023.0%0.050.1014
13048Unread TOPIC FAUNA: Sets, singles, & mixtures (Book 7) Misterstamper242425.0%0.251.5536
13071Unread Surcharged and Overprinted from all over the world - MNH Hinged used thaisballtrap2436026.9%0.070.6073
13185Unread FAUNA FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD USED/HINGED/MNH - BOOK 3 thaisballtrap2435227.3%0.071.2867
13212Unread Surcharged and Overprinted from all over the world - MNH Hinged used  thaisballtrap1928829.2%0.051.2055
13127Unread FAUNA FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD USED/HINGED/MNH - BOOK 2 thaisballtrap2436030.6%0.070.9887
12755Unread FAUNA - ALL OVER THE WORLD - USED/HINGED/MNH thaisballtrap2435032.6%0.101.2063
12778Unread TOPIC: TRANSPORTATION sets, singles, & mixtures) (Book 3) Misterstamper242433.3%0.101.2533
12961Unread Planes and Airmails from all over the world - MNH Hinged and used thaisballtrap2423934.3%0.063.0084
12905Unread Fauna and Flora - used, CTO and mint cougar1222835.1%0.053.5027
13258Unread Animals . Used Stamps. Part One. pelleholm1010041.0%0.050.1013
12878Unread 1949 U.P.U. Worldwide issues - singles and sets - mint & used dell4c2012941.1%0.108.0032
13007Unread Fauna, Insects, Mammals, Birds ..., MNH, Used, CTOs Germet2321543.7%0.051.0024
12944Unread Ships, Sailing ships, steam boats, ferries, merchant ... on stamps Germet1114546.2%0.100.3027
13008Unread Planes and Airmails from all over the world - MNH Hinged and used thaisballtrap2432047.2%0.070.5371
13066Unread Planes and Airmails from all over the world - MNH Hinged and used thaisballtrap2431247.4%0.071.2065
12804Unread Animals, mammals, worldwide, MNH, Used, CTO ... Germet1412647.6%0.100.9025
12834Unread TOPIC: SPORTS (Book 1) Misterstamper242450.0%0.101.1527
12991Unread Animals A-Z for 5 Cents Each Soundcrest717057.6%0.050.0533
13050Unread TOPIC: SPORTS Sets, singles, and mixtures (Book 2) Misterstamper242458.3%0.100.7517
13038Unread Olympic MNH Sets & Singles Mostly 1970-80s Soundcrest245267.3%0.056.2520
13230Unread Sport stamps, contains some series and blocks Tobbe656219770.1%0.086.0016
13159Unread SPORTS: MNH sets from P-R countries (Book 3) Misterstamper242470.8%0.1010.0035
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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