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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
15470Unread Sweden Abacusboy482828.9%0.080.1511
15464Unread SWEDEN 8 USED STAMPS (1983-1987) pelleholm101016.9%0.050.4014
15463Unread SWEDEN 7 USED STAMPS (1979-1983) pelleholm810134.7%0.050.2010
15462Unread SWEDEN 6 USED STAMPS (1975-1979) pelleholm810255.9%0.050.2012
15461Unread SWEDEN 5 USED STAMPS (1973-1975) pelleholm710053.0%0.050.2010
15460Unread SWEDEN 4 USED STAMPS (1970-1973) pelleholm1010054.0%0.050.2512
15459Unread SWEDEN 3 USED STAMPS (1963-1970) pelleholm1110928.4%0.050.5510
15458Unread SWEDEN 2 USED STAMPS (1951-1963) pelleholm811213.4%0.050.3511
15456Unread SWEDEN 1 USED STAMPS (1932-1957) pelleholm111326.8%0.050.9015
15408Unread Faroes Island & Iceland Abacusboy491903.7%0.100.7042
15367Unread Scandinavia - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden Used and mint stampfair42058.3%0.080.0847
15366Unread Greenland U/MH/MNH 1938 to 1991 w/ Scott#'s  david136171112213.9%0.0610.0028
15312Unread Iceland 1980 onward all .10 - from kiloware - all used dell4c818367.2%0.100.1033
15308Unread Finland Mint/MNH to 1990 Soundcrest2114815.5%0.0515.5034
15129Unread Denmark: 1946 Onward. 1938324711239.3%0.070.0742
15122Unread Iceland U/MH/MNH Early to 2018 CV's to $33 w/ Scott#'s david136172219638.3%0.066.0046
15093Unread Norway Mint/Used Through 1980s w/Scott# & Index  Soundcrest2422938.0%0.055.7527
15061Unread Scandinavia parjac151346.0%0.020.2048
15055Unread Finland: 1942 Onward. 1938324711225.9%0.100.1045
15041Unread NORDIC EUROPE 6 – Used 1975-2018 Deluxe allyouneedgalaxy1817719.8%0.202.6053
15011Unread Norway6 Used/MH/MNH w/ Scott #'s CV's from $1 to $160 david136171410837.0%0.2712.0033
15000Unread Norway5 Mostly Used w/ Scott #'s Higher Cv's david13617510728.0%0.130.1947
14999Unread Norway4 Mostly Used w/ Scott #'s from #75-1291 Better Cv's david13617618033.3%0.090.0932
14998Unread Norway3 Mostly Used w/ Scott #'s from 1090-BOB david13617510631.1%0.060.0625
14983Unread Norway2 Mostly Used w/ Scott #'s from 800-1089 david13617512024.2%0.060.0644
14955Unread Norway1 Mostly Used 1922-1982 w/ Scott #'s from 3c each david13617810035.0%0.061.8936
14940Unread Iceland, selection of various used stamps, incl. better siem716529.1%0.101.0049
14842Unread Norway Mint/Used 1941-60 including Semi Postals w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest176232.3%0.0540.0054
14726Unread Greenland and Faroe Islands - mostly used siem69955.6%0.102.0057
14669Unread Iceland Used 1970s-2000s w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1413429.9%0.052.5064
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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