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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14374Unread Denmark postcardsstamps82034.4%0.050.0524
14376Unread Denmark postcardsstamps719510.3%0.050.0520
14196Unread Finland Mint Sets & Singles 1945-88 w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest179611.5%0.058.0032
13830Unread Norway Mint/Used Through 1980s w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2426513.6%0.055.7551
13886Unread Denmark Abacusboy4829214.7%0.080.3051
14319Unread Norway 50% OFF postcardsstamps512317.1%0.040.0421
13867Unread Sweden Part Three ,Used Stamps,Years 1951-1967. pelleholm1010018.0%0.050.1016
14326Unread Denmark 50% OFF postcardsstamps819118.3%0.030.0318
13891Unread Sweden Abacusboy4829418.4%0.080.2037
14352Unread  Scandinavia various country parjac1413418.7%0.030.1522
13887Unread Finland Abacusboy4717519.4%0.100.2537
14306Unread Faroe Islands and Iceland Abacusboy4923919.7%0.100.7024
13866Unread Sweden Part Two ,Used Stamps,Years 1941-1971. pelleholm1010021.0%0.050.1015
14081Unread Greenland & Finland Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2313924.5%0.059.7554
13888Unread Norway Part Four Used And MNH Stamps. pelleholm1010025.0%0.200.6015
13879Unread Sweden Part Ten ,Used Stamps,Years 1992-1999. pelleholm1010028.0%0.050.1013
14153Unread Finland, Used, 1968 to 1979 BrechiniteUK1212528.0%0.060.0625
13540Unread Finland Mint/Used through #421 w/index & Scott# Soundcrest1810929.4%0.055.5037
13911Unread DENMARK & FINLAND - all USED issues, about 1990 to present boxwood1019731.5%0.080.5031
13865Unread Sweden Part One ,Used Stamps,Years 1932-1941. pelleholm1010033.0%0.050.1015
14426Unread SWEDEN MINT & USED burrowsj810633.0%0.050.5022
14201Unread Iceland : 1975 Onward 1938324612033.3%0.100.1568
13756Unread Finland 1940-60's Mint/Used Some Sets w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest128933.7%0.055.0038
14123Unread Norway- used up to present Abacusboy4411634.5%0.080.4027
14061Unread Finland: 1969 Onward 1938324510035.0%0.100.1039
13882Unread Norway Part Two Used Stamps. pelleholm1010038.0%0.050.0516
13880Unread Norway Part One Used Stamps. pelleholm1010043.0%0.050.0521
13868Unread Sweden Part Four ,Used Stamps,Years 1967-1970. pelleholm1010044.0%0.050.1012
13870Unread Sweden Part Five ,Used Stamps,Years 1970-1975. pelleholm1010047.0%0.050.1014
13883Unread Norway Part Three Used Stamps. pelleholm1010048.0%0.050.0519
13876Unread Sweden Part Seven ,Used Stamps,Years 1978-1983. pelleholm1010048.0%0.050.1010
14278Unread Scandinavia - used cougar1133848.8%0.050.2016
13877Unread Sweden Part Eight ,Used Stamps,Years 1983-1987. pelleholm1010050.0%0.050.109
13878Unread Sweden Part Nine ,Used Stamps,Years 1987-1992. pelleholm1010058.0%0.050.0513
14379Unread Finland postcardsstamps1231159.5%0.080.0822
13871Unread Sweden Part Six ,Used Stamps,Years 1975-1978. pelleholm1010061.0%0.050.1013
14282Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps822984.3%0.040.0419
14291Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps1545893.7%0.030.0314
14283Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps923197.0%0.040.0424
14318Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps821697.2%0.030.0320
14289Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps1334599.1%0.040.0425
14285Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps1334899.4%0.040.0421
14268Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps10269100.0%0.040.0422
14284Unread Sweden 50% OFF postcardsstamps9226100.0%0.040.0416
14219Unread Sweden mint and used CLEARANCE postcardsstamps5121100.0%0.020.0432
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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