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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
16405Unread Scandinavia  parjac161440.0%0.010.1039
16550Unread AUSTRALIA - USED Grampaone8771163.4%0.040.4929
15408Unread Faroes Island & Iceland Abacusboy491909.5%0.100.7079
16353Unread Norway all .10 dell4c1243312.0%0.100.1047
16159Unread Sweden Used with Scott #, all stamps are PRE 1948 (yrs. 1891 to 1948) swaree1124016.7%0.0710.0044
15762Unread Greenland ~ Used Stamps and Semi-Posts: Part Two JohnnyStamp2053817.8%0.405.0094
16371Unread Estonia & Finland all .10 dell4c512122.3%0.100.1041
15308Unread Finland Mint/MNH to 1990 Soundcrest2114823.0%0.0515.5058
15055Unread Finland: 1942 Onward. 1938324711226.8%0.100.1054
16358Unread Denmark - all .10 dell4c1134028.5%0.100.1038
16339Unread FINLAND ~ Mint Used Semi-Post Stamps: Part One (Clearance) JohnnyStamp1029929.4%0.351.0060
16495Unread FINLAND ~ Used Stamps 1946 -  JohnnyStamp1655229.5%0.070.1041
16536Unread Iceland, Mixed. in order BrechiniteUK1619231.3%0.090.0931
15590Unread Finland ~ A selection of Mint Used Semi-Post Stamps JohnnyStamp1543634.2%0.752.5067
15747Unread Greenland ~ Used Stamps and Semi-Posts: Part One JohnnyStamp2469734.4%0.071.8062
15366Unread Greenland U/MH/MNH 1938 to 1991 w/ Scott#'s  david136171112134.7%0.0610.0043
15640Unread Iceland ~ Better Mint & Used Stamps + Singles at 10¢ & 12¢ (PART 2) JohnnyStamp1942840.0%0.106.0074
16296Unread Western Europe - mostly Norway - used cougar721740.6%0.050.2031
15637Unread Iceland ~ Better Mint and Used Stamps then Used Singles at 10¢ Each JohnnyStamp2451043.3%0.1030.0048
16197Unread Norway ~ Modern Used, Including Top Values JohnnyStamp2162445.4%0.080.3044
16510Unread NORWAY ~ Mostly Modern Used Including Better Values JohnnyStamp826948.3%0.050.2542
15122Unread Iceland U/MH/MNH Early to 2018 CV's to $33 w/ Scott#'s david136172219650.5%0.066.0059
16479Unread Iceland ~ Mostly Modern Used JohnnyStamp1445457.5%0.100.1236
16329Unread DENMARK ~ Modern Used, Semiposts & a Few MNH, Many Top Set Values JohnnyStamp2470857.9%0.040.4048
16452Unread DENMARK ~ Modern Used- Top Set Values and Large Format, Semi's JohnnyStamp1330258.6%0.150.4041
16325Unread Sweden ~ Modern Used JohnnyStamp2065760.6%0.040.1235
16341Unread FINLAND ~ Used Selection Including Many Stamps From Booklets JohnnyStamp1342260.9%0.070.1245
16347Unread DENMARK ~ Modern Used- Mostly Top Set Values JohnnyStamp1339662.1%0.080.2551
15906Unread Iceland ~ Modern Used, Late 1990's to 2000's JohnnyStamp1441073.9%0.120.1232
16076Unread Norway ~ Used Selection of Stamps, Many Top Set Values JohnnyStamp2473176.2%0.050.1845
15535Unread Denmark ~ Souvenir Sheets Mint and Used 80% Off Catalog JohnnyStamp246277.4%0.608.0044
16441Unread DENMARK ~ Modern Used- Top Set Values and Large Format JohnnyStamp2467277.5%0.080.4048
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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