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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
12776Unread ISRAEL - Large Selection of MH & USED Stamps & Few MNH Sheetlets Kemling1205881.0%0.103.0028
12924Unread Turkey & Other Middle East Country parjac241989.1%0.030.2527
13234Unread Umm Al Qiwain (UAE) comet661117713.0%0.101.0023
13294Unread RAS-AL-KHAIMA - Large Selection of CTO Singles & S/Sneets Kemling12016113.7%0.203.0015
13240Unread Dubai and Fujeira (UAE) comet66813115.3%0.100.1018
11971Unread ISRAEL/LEBANON/TURKEY comet66613317.3%0.080.0855
13239Unread Ajman (UAE) comet6669318.3%0.100.1018
13279Unread SHARJAH - Small Collection of CTO Stamps - Some Sheets Kemling12313918.7%0.252.0013
13296Unread Midle East countries camuca59522.1%0.080.1025
13204Unread UMM-AL-QIWAIN - Large Selection of CTO Stamps - Souvenir Sheets - 3Ds Kemling11216922.5%0.150.3517
12659Unread Egypt Used With Scott# & Index Soundcrest1813824.6%0.053.7532
13398Unread Lebanon and Pakistan Sorted by Scott# stampfair220925.8%0.090.0925
12721Unread ISRAEL - Used, MNH - Many with Tabs - To Mid 90s - Book II StampDevotee1825326.1%0.080.8529
13355Unread Iran, Iraq, Jordan. Used. sheepshanks1013130.5%0.080.3020
12100Unread IRAQ - Old to Newer Issues - Plenty of Back of Book Stamps StampDevotee2153732.0%0.104.0067
13090Unread Middle East and North Africa - mint and used cougar1312333.3%0.053.9532
13099Unread Egypt MNH/MInt Sets & Singles 1930-90's w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest219033.3%0.054.2533
12716Unread ISRAEL - Used, MNH - Many with Tabs - To Mid 90s - Book I StampDevotee2444436.0%0.080.0826
13360Unread Stamps from Israel - Many with Tabs mikek51519636.2%0.050.2513
12802Unread Turkey, singles/sets, U/MH Reg Issues, 1870-1975, w/Scott# david136172223141.6%0.073.5028
13232Unread Ras Al Khaima (UAE) comet6669542.1%0.100.1017
13251Unread STATE OF OMAN - Small Collection of Singles & S.S - Most are CTO Kemling11210444.2%0.203.0018
13313Unread Bahrain, Oman,Qatar, Sudan, mainly used. sheepshanks1817646.0%0.061.5035
13287Unread UAR-SYRIA. stamps, sets, S/S ALL with Cat numbers 1958-61 rrraphy99448.9%0.120.6522
11970Unread IRAN & IRAQ comet66717651.7%0.080.0852
13402Unread YEMEN comet661418552.4%0.100.1023
12583Unread small Arab states (dependencies), Fujeira, Ras Al Khaima etc.. Opa1821552.6%0.100.1025
13233Unread Sharjah (UAE) comet66813852.9%0.100.1013
13269Unread United Arab Emirates sheepshanks1817560.0%0.0530.0026
13001Unread Syria (1942 - 1956) cardstamp69161.5%0.150.4525
12830Unread Turkey, BOB, U/MH 1917-1970+-, w/Scott# david136171315164.9%0.062.2930
13285Unread Turkey - Ottoman empire classics siem411966.4%0.100.2517
12974Unread Syria (thru 1940) cardstamp810469.2%0.150.4520
13290Unread IRAQ 1959-1969, mostly Used, ALL with Cat #s, lower valued stamps rrraphy1018981.5%0.120.2013
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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