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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
15698Unread Germany early mint w/scott #s Torchwood61160.0%0.100.1062
16257Unread GERMANY 2 ON SALE !! pelleholm41008.0%0.030.0314
15674Unread Germany: 1949-1956 Bundes; MNH &Used, NEW PRICES, ALL 15-17% SCOTT dresden22729.7%0.50350.0088
15265Unread Germany Democratic Republic -- Allied -- Berlin -- Reich parjac1510612.3%0.010.2550
16224Unread Germany 1990's onward book 2 All .10 dell4c1727514.9%0.100.1017
16044Unread Germany & Berlin ~ MNH and Used Sets and Sheets, Up To 90% Off Cat. JohnnyStamp2414316.8%0.400.7531
15990Unread Germany ~ Used Semi-Post Stamps JohnnyStamp618417.4%0.150.1533
15284Unread Deutschland  parjac1115021.3%0.030.3574
15288Unread German Democratic Republic (DDR): 1952 Onward. 1938324711222.3%0.100.1035
15027Unread GDR – Mixed 1955-1990  allyouneedgalaxy1212822.7%0.031.1950
16035Unread Berlin and Germany, Sets and Singles BrechiniteUK242425.0%2.3318.0025
16259Unread GERMANY 4 ON SALE !! pelleholm510026.0%0.030.059
16222Unread Germany 1990's onward book 1 All .10 dell4c1425426.8%0.100.1017
16256Unread GERMANY 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm410027.0%0.030.0312
15571Unread Germany ~ Better Mint and Used- Many Top Stamps from the 50's JohnnyStamp610127.7%1.5012.0069
14498Unread Germany:German Democratic Republic; Book 1,1950's-60's, CTO and Used dresden1827830.9%0.040.5045
15176Unread BERLIN - All Used StampDevotee711931.1%0.050.1070
16260Unread GERMANY 5 ON SALE !! pelleholm813340.6%0.050.1014
14460Unread Germany: MINT,' Deutsches Reich'; B.O.B.; GDR (50's & 60's). All mint dresden1436341.6%0.040.2057
15985Unread Germany ~ MNH Sets, Deep Discounts Up To 90% Off JohnnyStamp117145.1%0.400.7525
14969Unread GERMANY 1870-1970 comet662477060.6%0.101.0055
14996Unread Berlin - Mint & Used lemaven1427860.8%0.030.1531
16001Unread Generalgouvernement mixed Tobbe6561713462.7%0.102.4032
15596Unread Saar ~ Mint and Used Sets and Singles, Many Better Included JohnnyStamp2037963.3%0.1012.0044
16258Unread GERMANY 3 ON SALE !! pelleholm412878.9%0.030.0313
15729Unread German occupation WW2, part 2 runner1119985.4%0.122.0037
14701Unread Germany: German States; wide variety; all at 75 to 85% off Scott.  dresden2122986.9%0.0586.0094
16070Unread Saar Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1513395.5%0.058.0029
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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