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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14459Unread ** CLOSING SOON - 50% OFF** Germany - Berlin (1970 - 1983) Price Reducedcardstamp71150.0%0.050.3738
14705Unread Germany Used #1780 - 2716 w/index and Scott# Soundcrest132033.0%0.051.7543
14453Unread ** CLOSING SOON - 50% OFF** Germany - Berlin (1952 - 1969) Price Reducedcardstamp101514.0%0.050.3744
14586Unread Germany Democratic Republic -- Allied -- Berlin -- Reich parjac11936.5%0.030.2529
14699Unread  ITALY & GERMANY - USED Grampaone8751528.6%0.030.0435
14856Unread Germany MNH- 2000-2002- 95% complete with BOB stokesville181509.3%0.102.0025
14564Unread Deutschland parjac811412.3%0.050.2530
14447Unread Germany (1980 - 1989) cardstamp1322912.7%0.100.7528
14356Unread Germany (thru 1925) cardstamp1323315.9%0.100.8038
14437Unread Germany (1970 - 1979) cardstamp1325318.2%0.100.7518
14712Unread GERMANY - Modern issues and semipostals mitoneu1315719.1%0.201.5028
14363Unread Germany (1926 - 1939) cardstamp713321.8%0.250.8033
14547Unread GERMANY 7 - HD & SP 1965-2018 allyouneedgalaxy912723.6%0.100.4028
14498Unread Germany:German Democratic Republic; Book 1,1950's-60's, CTO and Used dresden1827824.5%0.040.5028
14401Unread ** CLOSING SOON - 50% OFF** Germany (1940 - 1955) Price Reducedcardstamp815024.7%0.050.3734
14814Unread Bavaria cardstamp912924.8%0.100.8025
14815Unread Germany DDR Book #1 MLH/MH/Used Sets-Singles + BOB stokesville1621324.9%0.051.7039
14415Unread Germany (1956 - 1969) cardstamp1424725.1%0.100.7525
14714Unread Germany 1996 to 2000, Used BrechiniteUK1114525.5%0.090.0923
14436Unread Germany mixed. Colonies, Occupations, officials etc.  runner1216627.1%0.121.0045
14836Unread GERMANY - mostly used cougar2140727.3%0.051.7025
14784Unread Post WW II, Germany, Russian zones Opa817328.9%0.153.5035
14521Unread Germany -- Bundespost  parjac1830731.3%0.030.5036
14460Unread Germany: MINT,' Deutsches Reich'; B.O.B.; GDR (50's & 60's). All mint dresden1436339.1%0.040.2039
14807Unread Saar Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1212140.5%0.053.0036
14824Unread SAAR cardstamp1017252.3%0.151.0027
14817Unread Germany DDR Book #2- MLH/MH/Used- Sets- Singles + BOB stokesville1513152.7%0.052.4023
13998Unread Germany, Soviet Occupation. Local (Lokal) Issues, 1945 dresden137855.1%0.1515.0053
14775Unread F. R. Germany, used Opa2318960.3%0.2012.0038
14837Unread German Reich - Bohemia and Moravia in catalogue order, with BOB siem613265.9%0.080.5033
14048Unread Germany and Berlin "Deutsche Post" (1946-1949) & AMG dresden2521467.3%0.0340.0065
14109Unread GDR. Issued under Russian Occupation: 10N1 to 16NB4 dresden2224468.9%0.0540.0062
14701Unread Germany: German States; wide variety; all at 75 to 85% off Scott.  dresden2122983.4%0.0586.0061
14833Unread Danzig cardstamp915688.5%0.150.7030
14846Unread German States & Territories cardstamp812592.0%0.150.7025
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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