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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13282Unread Austria -- Ireland -- Greece & Mores parjac161372.9%0.030.4541
13405Unread IRELAND - EIRE - Large Variety of USED Stamps - Few Souvenir Sheets Kemling1112043.9%0.103.0020
12731Unread Switzerland  parjac71174.3%0.030.2560
13385Unread Belgium Mint/MNH Sets & Singles 1960-90's w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest221144.4%0.054.7517
12773Unread DENMARK - DANMARK - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling1186507.1%0.100.1535
12623Unread GREECE - HELLAS - Large Selection of Used Stamps Kemling182287.5%0.150.1539
12742Unread Austria Book 4: more commems 1980s and 90s plus m/s siem142607.7%0.106.0040
13235Unread Netherlands parjac101438.4%0.030.2524
13056Unread VATICAN CITY - Booki 1 - Large Selection of Used & MH Stamps Kemling1242508.4%0.151.0033
13406Unread SAN MARINO AND MONACO comet661222712.3%0.102.0029
12983Unread SWITZERLAND - HELVETIA - Large Selection of Used Stamps Kemling12061212.4%0.100.1538
12936Unread Austria - used - old and a few recent cougar723013.0%0.040.1031
12909Unread Vatican City (1965 - 1979) cardstamp1323213.4%0.150.4028
12669Unread Netherlands complete sets, semipostals, m/s mostly mint siem179314.0%0.255.0034
13118Unread Belgium 1980s and 1990s selection siem515115.2%0.080.0824
12799Unread GREECE - a selection of used singles - some MNH or MLH boxwood1119515.9%0.071.0027
12880Unread Vatican City (1948 - 1964) cardstamp1219419.1%0.150.4027
12613Unread Switzerland TWO comet661444321.2%0.100.1018
13417Unread Netherlands Colonies (thru 1966) cardstamp1118521.6%0.150.7016
13114Unread ITALY V.1 Recent def no cat#, EARLY def/com. All with cat #s, to 1940 rrraphy1430521.6%0.053.0043
13391Unread Belgium Definitives, Duplicates from my stock, have more, shows 1 rrraphy424221.9%0.080.0821
13143Unread Italy Mint/MNH Sets/Singles Mostly 1960-70's Soundcrest2110423.1%0.0525.0019
12947Unread Malta - small selection of used stamps siem310225.5%0.070.1032
13329Unread GREECE V2. 1971-1980 All with Cat #s. Mostly Used, some M/MNH  rrraphy813726.3%0.120.5023
12863Unread Liechtenstein Mint/Used/MNH 1940-80's With index/Scott# Soundcrest107526.7%0.050.8537
13357Unread GREECE to 1945 + Back of the Book. All with Cat #s rrraphy1419127.2%0.107.0028
13146Unread Austria 1992, 2003,2004 MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest239932.3%0.058.0019
13257Unread Luxembourg large selection of used stamps siem925233.3%0.082.0021
13128Unread ITALY V.2 Commemoratives 1945 to 1960. ALL with cat #s. Mostly Used rrraphy1214535.2%0.125.0031
13079Unread VATICAN CITY - Book 3 - Large Selection of Used & MH Stamps Kemling1820036.0%0.150.1518
13365Unread Italy and Spain - used and mint - a few stamps cougar914036.4%0.050.6016
13220Unread Sweden Used comet66827337.0%0.100.1022
12348Unread European countries recents camuca1019743.1%0.100.4042
12597Unread Netherlands 1961-85 & Netherlands Antilles 1970-81 MNH w/# & index Soundcrest138444.0%0.050.4545
12612Unread Switzerland ONE comet661642544.9%0.100.1021
12149Unread Iceland Mint/Used Sets/Singles 1907-81 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2413346.6%0.0115.0063
13084Unread Belgium semipostals and other BOB siem710248.0%0.052.0027
13302Unread LUXEMBOURG- Early definitives + commemoratives 1955-> All with Cat # rrraphy717548.6%0.100.1522
13323Unread GREECE V1. 1946-1970 ALL with cat #s, Used and some M/MNH rrraphy1220749.3%0.151.3517
12258Unread Belgium, Netherlands, San Marino & Eastern Europe grorod612052.5%0.100.1036
13404Unread VATICAN CITY comet661019655.1%0.100.1020
13091Unread Austria, MNH, 1959 to 1972 BrechiniteUK2022656.2%0.100.1018
12257Unread Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus used grorod611258.0%0.100.4544
12840Unread Stamps from Ireland and Italy mikek5816658.4%0.050.0526
13134Unread ITALY v.3 Commemoratives 60-75, +Back of the Book, All with Cat rrraphy1019558.5%0.120.5018
12841Unread Stamps from Spain mikek5613263.6%0.050.0528
12746Unread Ireland, self adhesive stamps, mainly used, on/off paper Germet1115664.1%0.050.2026
13136Unread Belgium, DDR, ++ - miniture sheets and booklets - mint, CTO, used cougar174468.2%0.301.5023
13368Unread Netherlands - used and mint - a few stamps cougar720171.1%0.040.0819
12872Unread Vatican City (thru 1947) cardstamp710984.4%0.150.7029
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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