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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14967Unread Greece & Italy  parjac131162.6%0.010.4026
14988Unread AUSTRIA-HUNGARY USED COMBINATION Grampaone8751064.7%0.030.0526
14937Unread Austria & Belgium  parjac111097.3%0.010.2033
14993Unread Ireland & Netherland  parjac131648.5%0.020.2016
14844Unread Switzerland 1970-90s Including Semi Postals w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest15539.4%0.051.4044
14623Unread Yugoslavia eugen01513410.4%0.050.0534
14452Unread Denmark restocked Abacusboy4827710.5%0.070.3047
14905Unread BELGIUM comet661834711.2%0.101.5033
14688Unread BULGARIA - cancelled issues from 1970's to late 1990's boxwood611411.4%0.070.0722
14806Unread Switzerland: 1946 Onward. 1938324510015.0%0.100.1030
14076Unread Liechtenstein Mint/Used/MNH 1940-90's With index/Scott#  Soundcrest178117.3%0.059.5062
14542Unread Netherland Part III runner1517218.6%0.1210.0041
14473Unread Austria 1970s to 90s MNH w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest1611119.8%0.051.7527
14962Unread Ireland, used with Scott numbers hfbaker1311622.4%0.060.8523
14496Unread MALTA - Used - Includes Euros & Semi Postals StampDevotee710222.5%0.100.2541
14951Unread Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino comet66614422.9%0.100.1029
14863Unread Netherlands, part 4, post-war: 1946-1971, 80% - 85% off Scott dresden164723.4%0.6012.0034
14663Unread BELGIUM, LATVIA & LICHTENSTEIN - used , mostly recent issues boxwood711023.6%0.080.3027
14903Unread NETHERLANDS comet661031224.0%0.100.1023
14559Unread MALTA 3 - Used 1990-2017 allyouneedgalaxy1720524.9%0.031.5026
14890Unread NORWAY comet66515625.0%0.100.1037
14566Unread Austria; 1880's - 1960; all 15% Scott, B.O.B, Military Occupation dresden2027826.3%0.055.0044
14551Unread IRELAND 3 - Used 1980-2018  allyouneedgalaxy1519728.9%0.100.9038
14522Unread Netherlands. Used Part I runner1416829.2%0.126.0035
14944Unread Netherlands used grorod713329.3%0.100.3027
14908Unread Austria mint and used JimMcGrathStamps617030.0%0.100.1020
14877Unread Belgium early-late + BOB + SS Book 1 stokesville1414330.8%0.071.2038
14550Unread GREECE 6 - Used 1990-2018  allyouneedgalaxy1013031.5%0.030.8033
14577Unread AUSTRIA 3 - Used 1970-2018 allyouneedgalaxy1115531.6%0.050.4046
14889Unread DENMARK. ICELAND & GREENLAND comet661028032.5%0.100.1044
13672Unread mini states - Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Vatican siem1012932.6%0.050.5057
14472Unread Greece 1930's to 1966 Used With Scott# & Index Soundcrest1115937.1%0.051.0026
14781Unread EUROPE - RECENT, used, Euro values, mostly from 2008 boxwood912938.0%0.100.3028
14523Unread Netherland part II runner1014838.5%0.100.1033
14971Unread Vatican MNH/MLH/Used sets and singles- Book 1 stokesville1618038.9%0.050.9027
14883Unread Belgium early-late + BOB + SS Book 2 stokesville188740.2%0.252.0027
14861Unread Netherlands, part 3, post war: 1946-1992, 80% -85% off Scott dresden1536740.3%0.050.4527
14671Unread Belgium Used Semi Postals to 1970s w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest2310741.1%0.0510.0024
14819Unread NETHERLANDS, part 2, classic: 1852-1946; 80%-85% off Scott. dresden2223041.3%0.0560.0042
14942Unread Ireland comet66514441.7%0.100.2018
14391Unread Belgium Collection. Book Two: definitives. From 1850's to 1960's dresden1919441.8%0.0510.0029
14898Unread GREECE comet662362742.6%0.050.1028
14717Unread EUROPE - RECENT, used, Euro values - List of countries below boxwood711143.2%0.120.1538
14475Unread Belgium Semi Postals Mint/MNH through 1948 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2411143.2%0.059.7533
14934Unread Ireland, Used, Not in any year order. BrechiniteUK811745.3%0.080.0828
14950Unread ITALY comet661439446.2%0.100.1021
14982Unread Vatican City-MNH/MLH/Used-Sets-Singles- Book 2 stokesville2013152.7%0.103.0021
14199Unread Belgium: 2000 Onward 19383241020056.0%0.100.1055
14888Unread FINLAND & BALTIC STATES comet66614561.4%0.100.1031
14668Unread Italy Mostly 1960's Mint w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest119266.3%0.057.7525
14880Unread Italy #1112-1242 (1973-6) MNH + EY1-3  Soundcrest117866.7%0.051.2521
14778Unread Netherlands; semi-postals from B2-B476. All at 15% to 20% Scott. dresden1924368.3%0.0512.0036
14658Unread AUSTRIA - Used 70s through 2000s - All 10 cents StampDevotee2135674.2%0.100.1048
14904Unread LUXEMBOURG comet66513279.5%0.100.1024
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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