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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
15420Unread DEMARK - clearance camuca102840.7%0.050.1226
14967Unread Greece & Italy  parjac131162.6%0.010.4043
14937Unread Austria & Belgium  parjac111087.4%0.010.2043
14993Unread Ireland & Netherland  parjac131648.5%0.020.2028
15145Unread LUXEMBOURG & MONACO - Modern Issues - PRICES REDUCED 8/16 StampDevotee13989.2%0.102.5045
15338Unread AUSTRIA CURRENT STAMPS foudutimbre620110.9%0.030.0425
14905Unread BELGIUM comet661834713.3%0.101.5047
15315Unread Europe: Unsorted stock book stamps. DIFFERENT! comet66222213.6%0.494.7571
14995Unread IRELAND JimMcGrathStamps815614.1%0.070.2051
15343Unread SWITZERLAND USED STAMPS foudutimbre1133419.5%0.070.0724
15195Unread ITALIA - BOOK 1 - MNH/HINGED/USED - COMPLETE SETS + SINGLES thaisballtrap1611320.4%0.0824.0032
15037Unread Luxembourg & Switzerland  parjac810320.4%0.030.2529
15352Unread Italy 1960-70s Mint/MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest118320.5%0.057.7522
15331Unread Europe mint and used sorted by country stampfair628621.3%0.080.0835
15279Unread GREECE - Earlier to '80s - Used - All 7 Cents StampDevotee714021.4%0.070.0731
14496Unread MALTA - Used - Includes Euros & Semi Postals StampDevotee710222.5%0.100.2553
14908Unread Austria mint and used JimMcGrathStamps1434123.2%0.100.2546
14863Unread Netherlands, part 4, post-war: 1946-1971, 80% - 85% off Scott dresden164723.4%0.6012.0037
14951Unread Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino comet66614426.4%0.100.1038
15148Unread Austria 1992, 2003-6 MNH With Scott# & Index Soundcrest2010626.4%0.0525.0028
14559Unread MALTA 3 - Used 1990-2017 allyouneedgalaxy1720626.7%0.031.5035
14903Unread NETHERLANDS comet661031227.2%0.100.1035
15386Unread Netherlands euro values siem827527.3%0.100.2032
15402Unread Cyprus Abacusboy4512427.4%0.070.1522
14890Unread NORWAY comet66515628.8%0.100.1045
15350Unread Liechtenstein U/MH/MNH MNH Sets 1912 to 2018 CV's to $55 w/ Scott#'s  david136171920329.1%0.0710.0021
14944Unread Netherlands used grorod713329.3%0.100.3030
15062Unread Belgium: 1930 Onward. 1938324711231.3%0.060.0639
15269Unread Poland (Polska) - mostly pre 1950 camuca2118232.4%0.1011.0031
15270Unread Poland (proofs) and Eastern Silesia overprint on Poland and Czech camuca52133.3%0.304.0033
14551Unread IRELAND 3 - Used 1980-2018  allyouneedgalaxy1520034.0%0.100.9044
14566Unread Austria; 1880's - 1960; all 15% Scott, B.O.B, Military Occupation dresden2027834.2%0.055.0047
14577Unread AUSTRIA 3 - Used 1970-2018 allyouneedgalaxy1115534.2%0.050.4054
14889Unread DENMARK. ICELAND & GREENLAND comet661028034.3%0.100.1052
15257Unread Switzerland Semi Postals Used to 1956 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2115134.4%0.0514.0033
15280Unread BELGIUM - Mainly Modern - All 7 Cents  StampDevotee1221335.2%0.070.0732
15162Unread San Marino: 1942 Onward. AIR POST STAMPS begin on Page 5. 1938324711236.6%0.080.0828
15311Unread Suriname 1923-58 Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1611238.4%0.054.2533
14861Unread Netherlands, part 3, post war: 1946-1992, 80% -85% off Scott dresden1536740.3%0.050.4527
15147Unread Greece 1930's to 1970s Mint/Used With Scott# & Index  Soundcrest1313140.5%0.051.0041
15078Unread Italy - Regular Issues (pre 1960) cardstamp1223240.5%0.100.8527
14819Unread NETHERLANDS, part 2, classic: 1852-1946; 80%-85% off Scott. dresden2223041.3%0.0560.0047
14942Unread Ireland comet66514442.4%0.100.2021
15069Unread Malta2 Used/MNH 1958 -2018 Republic w/ Scott #'s david136171821742.9%0.062.5023
14898Unread GREECE comet662362743.4%0.050.1034
15125Unread World #5 Belgium - from remained Scott Internationals  dell4c2467443.9%0.100.1037
14950Unread ITALY comet661439447.5%0.100.1025
14971Unread Vatican MNH/MLH/Used sets and singles- Book 1 stokesville1618047.8%0.050.9040
15255Unread Belgium Semi Postals mint/used to 1970's w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2412554.4%0.0510.0031
15010Unread MONACO - Mixed 1940-2015 allyouneedgalaxy810055.0%0.050.3028
15035Unread Malta1 Used/MH/MNH Pre-1958 Empire w/ Scott #'s david136171516656.6%0.067.0031
15118Unread Italy - Back of the Book Issues (thru 1955) cardstamp917261.0%0.100.7522
15092Unread Italy - Regular Issues (1960 - 1967) cardstamp510062.0%0.100.1018
14888Unread FINLAND & BALTIC STATES comet66614562.1%0.100.1036
14778Unread Netherlands; semi-postals from B2-B476. All at 15% to 20% Scott. dresden1924368.7%0.0512.0039
14982Unread Vatican City-MNH/MLH/Used-Sets-Singles- Book 2 stokesville2013172.5%0.103.0031
15351Unread Austria Occupation Stamps Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2010272.5%0.059.5032
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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