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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
16330Unread Astria - Belgium - Greece - Ireland & Italy parjac242540.0%0.010.5039
16172Unread USED STAMPS FROM SPAIN, NORWAY, FINLAND and GERMANY COMBINED Grampaone8741030.0%0.040.0846
16345Unread Nederlands and Switserland camuca91171.7%0.0325.0047
16563Unread Ireland 1930-78 Mint/Used/MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest241012.0%0.0510.004
15979Unread Austria 1970-2000s MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest221673.0%0.058.7532
16355Unread Luxembourg - Netherland & Switzerland  parjac212914.1%0.010.2533
16364Unread Netherlands - December (X-mas) stamps siem52875.9%0.050.0536
16036Unread Austria, Monaco, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Cyprus Abacusboy4214207.4%0.070.1532
16264Unread NETHERLANDS - Modern - Mainly Semi Postals StampDevotee173399.7%0.100.2034
16346Unread Norge - Belgie - Finland camuca714710.2%0.030.0823
15888Unread Greece comet661336011.4%0.100.1029
16013Unread Sweden used old stamps Tobbe6562016712.0%0.1012.0030
16568Unread NETHERLANDS 2 - Used 1997-2017  allyouneedgalaxy816512.1%0.050.2510
15644Unread Belgium Abacusboy41220812.5%0.080.1545
15999Unread Sweden - Used 2 Tobbe6561942914.2%0.100.9020
16468Unread Norway 1940-80s Used/Mint W/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2318214.3%0.0540.0039
16249Unread EUROPE - vol 11 - used - some RECENT, some older.  boxwood910114.9%0.091.0034
15859Unread Luxembourg (thru 1975) cardstamp1217816.3%0.150.7039
15978Unread British Africa Mint/Used Soundcrest229317.2%0.0525.0044
15997Unread Sweden - Used Tobbe6561344017.3%0.100.3519
16069Unread Belgium Mint/Used/MNH Semi Postals to 1970 w/index & Scott# Soundcrest2411817.8%0.056.5032
15567Unread Netherlands~ Modern MNH Sets & Singles, Then Some Mint Semipost Sets JohnnyStamp2424617.9%0.085.0069
15931Unread BELGIUM - 1997 to 2000s - Book 3 - Semi Postals Included StampDevotee1927119.2%0.101.8022
16513Unread EUROPE - vol 12 - some old, many RECENT, all used boxwood1112119.8%0.082.7032
16335Unread Belgium Used 1956-66 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1312619.8%0.053.1018
15872Unread Latvia Luxembourg Monaco Liechtenstein comet66612421.0%0.100.1031
16198Unread Spain book 1 All .10 dell4c1939721.2%0.100.1035
15615Unread Netherlands: 1936 Onward 1938324711221.4%0.100.1062
15907Unread Denmark Used 1913-44 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest247921.5%0.0513.0033
15883Unread Netherlands ~ Mostly MNH Singles and a Few Sets JohnnyStamp2467121.8%0.060.5038
15752Unread NETHERLANDS comet662461522.6%0.102.0049
15195Unread ITALIA - BOOK 1 - MNH/HINGED/USED - COMPLETE SETS + SINGLES thaisballtrap1611323.0%0.0824.0058
16000Unread Europe - Mixed mint MNH stamps Tobbe6561618524.3%0.105.0025
16048Unread Liechtenstein ~ Used Singles JohnnyStamp1649624.6%0.100.1055
15989Unread EUROPE - various countries - Used, RECENT issues -2008 to present boxwood1016325.2%0.100.7530
15912Unread BELGIUM - Arranged by Denominations - Used - Book 1 StampDevotee2443125.3%0.100.1031
15754Unread ITALY comet662369326.0%0.030.1040
16383Unread Netherlands - booklet stamps and combinations siem510629.2%0.100.8038
16142Unread Switzerland ~ Modern Used Stamps and Semi-Posts (1995-2006) JohnnyStamp2476730.1%0.050.1239
16465Unread Italy Mostly 1970s Mint/MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest118330.1%0.057.7521
15610Unread Switzerland ~ Mint & Used Early Swiss Semi-Post Stamps- Deep Discounts JohnnyStamp1224530.2%0.508.0049
16173Unread BELGIUM 3 comet661225130.7%0.100.1027
15650Unread Stamps from The Vatican - Many MNH mikek51530731.3%0.060.0829
15625Unread Switzerland ~ Modern Used Reload, Higher Values and Semi-Post JohnnyStamp2476832.6%0.060.1264
14908Unread Austria mint and used JimMcGrathStamps1434133.1%0.100.2562
15481Unread Luxembourg ~ Mint Never Hinged and Used Singles and Sets Discounted JohnnyStamp2421133.2%0.102.5067
15350Unread Liechtenstein U/MH/MNH MNH Sets 1912 to 2018 CV's to $55 w/ Scott#'s  david136171920333.5%0.0710.0045
16164Unread BELGIUM 2 comet661225234.1%0.100.1032
15556Unread Ireland ~ Used Singles and Sets, MNH Sheets (Part 1) JohnnyStamp2438834.8%0.122.0070
15435Unread AUSTRIA- Used 1960s to Mid 80s - Commemoratives StampDevotee1425035.2%0.100.1058
15946Unread Switzerland 1980 -1997 - mostly used  dell4c2427335.5%0.100.1038
14566Unread Austria; 1880's - 1960; all 15% Scott, B.O.B, Military Occupation dresden2027836.3%0.055.0068
15386Unread Netherlands euro values siem827536.4%0.100.2051
15440Unread Balkans: Albania and Greece redmc3249636.5%0.115.4658
16549Unread Mix of Western Europe sets, MH or MNH, 4 pages added igor134337.2%0.250.9534
15915Unread Austria ~ Used Stamps All at 6¢ Each JohnnyStamp1132437.7%0.060.0638
16456Unread Cyprus: 1967 Onward. 1938324914438.2%0.110.1130
15589Unread Monaco1 Mostly MH 1924-1970+- W/ Scott #'s david13617615538.7%0.060.0633
15924Unread Luxembourg ~ Mint and Used Singles 6¢ JohnnyStamp824838.7%0.060.0637
15982Unread Switzerland: 1941 Onward  1938324711239.3%0.100.1029
16165Unread Belgium ~ Better Early Mint & Used Sets & Singles Discount 80% - 90% JohnnyStamp2410939.4%1.3525.0045
16163Unread BELGIUM comet661225240.9%0.100.1031
16144Unread NETHERLANDS on SALE !! -All used from about 1985 - present at 8cents boxwood721043.3%0.080.0825
15716Unread Switzerland; From 1855 to 1960's. Sets & Singles; all at 80% off Scott dresden1826343.3%0.0510.0040
16065Unread Liechtenstein ~ Back of Book and Better Sets and Singles JohnnyStamp1729743.8%0.0613.0043
15553Unread Switzerland ~ Used Stamps and Semi-Posts- Many Better Distcounted JohnnyStamp2465044.6%0.102.5060
15759Unread Monaco3 MNH/MH/Used Higher CV's/BOB w/ Scott #'s david136171915145.7%0.062.8033
15945Unread Switzerland to 1980 - mostly used  dell4c2438956.6%0.101.0043
15922Unread BELGIUM - Arranged by Denominations - Used - Book 2 StampDevotee2438858.5%0.100.6031
15062Unread Belgium: 1930 Onward. 1938324711258.9%0.060.0659
15929Unread Luxembourg ~ A Selection of Mint and Used, Includes Many Sets JohnnyStamp2020660.7%0.081.5027
16354Unread Netherlands classics and better values. Many older BOB siem1115664.1%0.166.0048
16340Unread EUROPE - mixture of mostly used stamps amnd sheets cougar815966.7%0.050.4533
16295Unread Western Europe - France, Azores, Madeira, Channel Islands cougar610467.3%0.050.4029
14778Unread Netherlands; semi-postals from B2-B476. All at 15% to 20% Scott. dresden1924370.4%0.0512.0051
15951Unread Switzerland 1997 -2006 mostly used  dell4c2417271.5%0.100.1032
16060Unread Belgian precancels and railways - all different (well, almost all) siem418881.9%0.050.1036
15555Unread Luxembourg, 1870's to 1960's, MNH,MH and Used, all 80-85% off Scott dresden2429482.0%0.0530.0034
15988Unread Switzerland ~ Mint Hinged Stamps 1940's to 1950's JohnnyStamp85787.7%0.300.7530
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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