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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
16136Unread Yugoslavia Including Trieste B mint/MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest196675.8%0.0520.0030
15976Unread RUSSIA CLASSIC; Book 3. B.O.B. Semi's, Air, etc. All at 17% Scott dresden1411774.4%0.0710.0036
15482Unread Czechoslovakia 1970-90s Mint W/Scott# & Index Soundcrest236428.1%0.056.7530
16661Unread Yugoslavia; Classics up to 1967. Many B.O.B's and Occupation. dresden1931550.5%0.056.0033
16855Unread Albania 1958-66 Mostly Used W/Scott# & index Soundcrest2312355.3%0.055.7518
15926Unread RUSSIA CLASSIC; Book 2: #555 to 3628. Many sets. All at 15% Scott  dresden2115740.8%0.055.0049
16336Unread Czechoslovakia 1970-2000's Mint/MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest20816.2%0.054.5038
16801Unread Hungary Souvenir Sheets 1960-80s MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest163941.0%0.054.2520
16611Unread Poland 1990s & 2000s MNH w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest146063.3%0.053.2522
15901Unread RUSSIA CLASSICS: Book 1: # 27 to # 2814. All at 15% Scott dresden2128858.7%0.052.0042
16747Unread Romania Used 1965-72 w/Index & Scott# Soundcrest1820944.5%0.051.7516
16521Unread Romania Used 1945-65 W/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1414536.6%0.051.5025
16867Unread Czechoslovakia2 1918-1987 U/CTO/MH cv:$.95-7.00 w/ Scott #'s david136171114718.4%0.211.3018
16805Unread U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union) 1957 - 1982 STAGECOACH9795.1%0.001.2527
16532Unread Russia (1950's and some 1940's) cardstamp1933531.3%0.150.7027
16251Unread Albania (1925 - 1967) cardstamp1629649.7%0.100.7025
16552Unread Russia (1964 - 1967) cardstamp2240015.8%0.150.5022
16587Unread Russia (1980 - 1985) cardstamp162738.1%0.100.409
16543Unread Russia (1960 - 1963) cardstamp193462.9%0.150.4028
16594Unread Russia (1986 - 1992) cardstamp1221210.4%0.100.4018
16565Unread Russia (1968 - 1971) cardstamp152899.3%0.150.3017
16585Unread Russia (1976 - 1979) cardstamp1222731.3%0.100.3014
16722Unread CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1 , USED STAMPS. pelleholm122035.9%0.050.3021
16571Unread Russia (1972 - 1975) cardstamp1425739.7%0.100.3013
16640Unread Slovakia - mostly modern dell4c710339.8%0.100.2532
16589Unread EASTERN EUROPE 2 – Used 1990-2018 allyouneedgalaxy911739.3%0.030.2534
16883Unread Eastern Europe Country parjac242853.9%0.010.2517
16751Unread HUNGARY 1 , USED STAMPS. pelleholm152293.5%0.050.2027
16841Unread Czechoslovakia1 1918-1987 U/CTO/MH cv:60c-90c w/ Scott #'s david13617713940.3%0.130.1619
16425Unread GREECE - used cougar614950.3%0.050.1532
16645Unread * EARLY CLEARANCE SALE - 50% OFF * Albania (1968 & 1969 Only) cardstamp611015.5%0.050.1221
16817Unread Hungary Great for Topicals Scott numbered and in order.  doodles69ca2428828.5%0.100.1035
16822Unread Lithuania dell4c510242.2%0.100.1032
15757Unread ROMANIA comet661122410.3%0.100.1038
16683Unread BULGARIA 1 , USED STAMPS. pelleholm81255.6%0.050.1023
16039Unread Slovenia, Croatia and some other Yugoslavia related states siem511830.5%0.070.1036
15738Unread BULGARIA - 1901 to 1990s StampDevotee243755.9%0.080.0850
16344Unread Poland: 1919-20 Onward. 1938324914443.1%0.080.0842
16808Unread Poland Mint and Used many topicals stampfair62686.3%0.070.0740
16875Unread Czechoslovakia:- Mixed 1968 Onwards BrechiniteUK1618110.5%0.060.0616
16865Unread Romania Mint and Used stampfair41671.2%0.060.0626
16843Unread Polska and Posta Romania camuca1013411.2%0.020.0519
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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