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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13833Unread Poland 1997-2004 MNH Sets/Complete Singles S/S With Scott#/Index Soundcrest19850.0%0.052.257
13407Unread Bulgaria - Hungary - Romania & Other  parjac161400.0%0.010.2535
13534Unread HUNGARY comet66235531.6%0.100.1036
13514Unread Czechoslovakia comet66182171.8%0.101.0032
13513Unread Bulgaria comet66142984.4%0.101.0021
13647Unread EAST GERMANY - DDR - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling1183774.8%0.082.0020
13656Unread Czechoslovakia - Used  RJCAL51127.1%0.040.0446
13823Unread RUSSIA comet66102278.4%0.100.1031
13773Unread Bulgaria (thru 1940) cardstamp122279.3%0.150.7519
13576Unread YUGOSLAVIA comet661126010.0%0.100.1020
13837Unread Russia / Soviet Union plus area (Ukraine / Moldova etc) siem816210.5%0.050.5021
13551Unread POLAND comet662150611.9%0.100.1025
13533Unread Greece Used comet66716514.5%0.100.1025
13358Unread RUSSIA - USSR - Book #2 - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling12454816.1%0.150.1530
13781Unread Hungary large selection starting 19th century siem1641816.3%0.060.1029
13559Unread ROMANIA comet662037716.4%0.100.7520
13347Unread RUSSIA - USSR - Book #1 - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling12457417.2%0.100.2033
13558Unread ROMANIA comet662443618.8%0.101.0020
13829Unread Slovakia - selection of used stamps Price Reducedsiem412219.7%0.060.3020
13780Unread Bulgaria (1941 - 1957) cardstamp1019219.8%0.150.7515
13177Unread Estonia 1992-2002 MNH Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1310421.2%0.056.7534
13629Unread Czechoslovakia, large selection used / cto - emphasis on 1950s siem829722.9%0.051.5025
13664Unread Hungary 1950-80's MNH sets/singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest244926.5%0.052.7520
13556Unread POLAND comet662249227.6%0.100.1021
13524Unread EAST GERMANY comet661931632.6%0.100.5023
13331Unread ROMANIA Sets, souvenir sheets, and singles (Book 1) Misterstamper212133.3%0.100.9024
13741Unread Across Easton Europe, mostly CTO, Many Thematics SandraUK2040436.6%0.080.0825
13552Unread POLAND comet662156037.7%0.100.1026
12617Unread Poland, various stamps, mainly used Germet1122138.0%0.050.0544
13786Unread Bulgaria (1958 - 1966) cardstamp713038.5%0.150.7517
13328Unread Stamps from Czechoslovakia Price Reducedmikek5612238.5%0.030.0319
13479Unread YUGOSLAVIA - Mixed 1921-1991  allyouneedgalaxy918940.2%0.030.1436
13597Unread Yugoslavia 1960-76 .10 each  dell4c1528941.9%0.100.1023
12707Unread CZECHOSLOVAKIA - Used - All 5 cents StampDevotee1536341.9%0.050.0531
13746Unread RUSSIA, POLAND, SLOVAKIA, ROMANIA COMBINATION LISTING Grampaone871416242.0%0.041.2924
13772Unread Romanian commemoratives, mostly CTO LVS9541826542.6%0.050.3548
13531Unread Stamps from Poland - Many Hinged mikek51421943.4%0.050.0516
13104Unread Romania #3 used; PRICES REDUCED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! virgilp2141243.4%0.030.0928
13320Unread Czechoslovakia 1945-63 Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1011544.3%0.051.0022
13468Unread Russia 1963-89 MNH w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest114944.9%0.051.0033
13359Unread East Germany, used  Opa2243345.3%0.100.1220
13673Unread Slovakia (thru 1944) cardstamp1014446.5%0.150.9525
13466Unread Yugoslavia to 1978 MNH Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest198947.2%0.055.5022
13327Unread Stamps from Russia mikek51117847.8%0.050.0537
13720Unread Romania Mint/MNH Sets and singles all years w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest236752.2%0.056.7526
13457Unread Hungarian commems, mostly CTO LVS954610554.3%0.050.5028
13494Unread FORMER SOVIET REPUBLICS 2 – Mixed 1990-2017 allyouneedgalaxy2022665.5%0.031.2533
13330Unread POLAND Sets, sourvenir sheets, & singles, mostly MNH Misterstamper212166.7%0.100.7524
13809Unread Stamps from Romania mikek5917870.8%0.060.0620
13535Unread Stamps from Hungary - CTO's mikek51219670.9%0.050.0517
13598Unread Yugoslavia 1976- .10 each in Scott # order dell4c818471.2%0.100.1025
13173Unread RUSSIA Complete MNH Sets, with Scott #; PRICES REDUCED!!!! virgilp2441872.5%0.040.2851
13747Unread Albania (thru 1965) cardstamp712276.2%0.150.7522
13507Unread EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE – Used 1990-2017 allyouneedgalaxy1118577.3%0.050.3334
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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